More Danes Become Dependent on Smartphones

Numerous cases of dependence on smartphones among Danes, without you being aware of it.

You know it’s guaranteed. The smart phone is faithful beside the pillow in the morning and evening, it is with to all parties and will be extensively used at school or at work. Yes, there are not many places where it is not included with the.
But it can develop into an addiction, write our site.

This is shown by a survey conducted by Ericsson in 2013, when we took the temperature of the Swedes’ smartphone use. The study shows that a smartphone is used up to 150 times a day or the equivalent of each 7. minute.

“People think they need to be on and to get hold of all the time,” tells Tina Tangdahl, as is stress coach and helps clients to get rid of the dependency.

The result is, according to Tina Tangdahl, that we fill the brain with a lot of input, as we do not need by the constant interageren with smartphones in daily life.

“Our brains aren’t built for that we must be going all the time. So we run the risk of getting over loaded ourselves and our brains, and we can not really be on, where it is most important, “ she says.

More and more people do not know that they are dependent

According to Morten Fenger, who is a psychologist and ph. d., there are more and more Danes who develop dependence on smartphones, where it goes hard in addition to getting together with people in reality.

On the other hand, it is the opposite that is true with people over the Internet. How can it according to Brichet relate to more and more people who are not even aware of it.

“Statistically speaking, there is a growing number of Danes who are dependent on their cell phone, and more of us are not aware of it,” he added.