MOM: Beware of Any Doctor Who Recommends a Caesarean Section in a Normal Pregnancy

In Spain the debate that can make a woman on If it is better to have a normal delivery or a c-section It is not very useful because in private health, where she gives birth to the most, Caesarean sections only if the obstetrician believes that it should make it.

However, there are countries of the Americas, where are many of our readers, in which doctors inform women of the two options to make them choose which in many cases misrepresenting information so choose Caesarean section and not labor, when it is otherwise. So today I want to give a notice: MOM, is wary of any doctor who recommends a caesarean section in a normal pregnancy.

Irresponsible and incredible rates of caesarean section

It makes thing a year jumped alarms in Dominican Republic to have reached the terrible figure of 56% of finished in c-section deliveries. To address it, was that in public health, the percentage of Caesarean sections was 44% and in the private 87% (only 13% gave vaginal birth!).

In Brazil happened something similar, because they saw that there was 52% who gave birth by caesarean section, in which are considered totally impossible to believe, at the same irresponsible figures.

Impossible to believe because there is no way to believe that more than half of women have a delivery of emergency which need a c-section and irresponsible because Caesarean section has more risks than a normal delivery; and in addition, because these figures are completely away from those they recommended the world Organization of health, when it establishes that only one of every 10 births should finish at Caesarea (10%, while 15% is considered acceptable).

The lies that doctors may tell women

In the Facebook comments to entries that we publish we found often phrases and arguments of women defending the c-section based on what the doctors have explained to them. We sometimes put photos of newly born and some women have said things like “is very purple, what dangerous, should be born by caesarean section”, “If I was born by caesarean section it would have been better for her head” or “For women it is better to give birth by caesarean section because so your vagina does not suffer”.

I.e., that some doctors are dedicated to convince women that it is better for them and their babies that practice you a c-section (perhaps because a c-section is more expensive and so hospitals and they charge more), inventing arguments as the coloration of the baby, when all children are born moraditos because at birth they have to start to breathe and receive oxygen from the outside; like childbirth to deform the baby’s head and that is dangerous, when the head is able to deform to pass through the birth canal to then recover its way out, without being a risk to the baby. and that it is better for the health of the woman and baby, when in fact involves many more risks.

Risks of Cesarean section

If the pregnancy is normal, the ideal is that the delivery is also normal. Normal, what would happen if no one will help women in no time. They would begin the contractions, dilation would occur, it would erase is the neck of the womb, would appear the desire to bid and after awhile of pujos, the baby would be born. So simple it happens in most of the cases, but if something goes awry women typically go to give birth at hospitals.

In the event that something goes wrong, or if you have very clear that vaginal birth can be dangerous (or if you want to advance it for some reason and the induction does not progress), then becomes c-section because the purpose is to protect the life of the mother and the baby. But in a normal pregnancy, without any risk, do caesarean section directly? It makes no sense because of the risks involved and because the recovery is usually much worse than when delivery is vaginal. They are eager to leave the mother nagged without when it could be better able to take care of your baby after birth.

That what are the risks of c-section? As oddly many them, because giving birth by caesarean section is relatively safe now, Caesarean section carries more risks that give birth vaginally, and why the recommendation is to be used only where strictly necessary. The risks are:

  • Infection of the bladder or uterus, is a surgical intervention with injury and rupture of the uterus, which should heal.
  • Injury of the urinary tract.
  • Injury to the baby (we have already seen here any wound made during caesarean section).
  • Baby is five times more common that to carry out ventilation and five times more frequent that they enter in intermediate or intensive care.
  • Babies who are born by c-section scheduled have one four times greater risk of developing pulmonary hypertension persistent (persistent pulmonary hypertension is a threat to life).
  • Babies who are born by caesarean section are less likely to be breastfed, and when they receive breast milk tend to do it for less time.
  • Increased risk of placenta praevia in future pregnancies.
  • Increased risk of placenta attached in future pregnancies (placenta have trouble spreading after following childbirth).
  • Increased risk of uterine rupture.
  • Increased risk of hemorrhage as a result of the above three situations.
  • Hemorrhage due to bleeding in the area of intervention (which may require transfusion of blood and in the worst case the removal of the uterus).
  • Clots of blood arriving at the pelvic veins or legs from occurring.
  • Wound infection.
  • Risk of maternal mortality of 5-7 times higher.

I.e., that caesarean section is an intervention that has saved thousands of babies and their mothers when things get complicated, but that It is also putting at risk thousands of babies and their mothers because their pregnancies are normal and their births, most likely, would be also be.

Therefore we must be wary of doctors who put their comfort or money that will win the health of mother and baby and to look for professionals who help mothers understand how it is a pregnancy and a normal delivery and that they become them protagonists of their pregnancy and childbirth, participation in the strength and confidence that every woman should have to give birth to your baby.