MobilePay-Competitor Swipp Ready for Windows Phone

Mobile payment solution Swipp is, after Jutland Mobile bank’s new update, ready for Windows Phone.

Jyske Bank has just released an update to their Mobile banking, which includes mobile payment option Swipp. With Swipp provides customers the opportunity to swippe (transfer) up to 3,000 dollars a day.

Work is being done all the time on that improve Swipp, and before long the Danske Bank customers will have the opportunity to enroll in Swipp. How it will be possible remains to be seen – until now has been a part of the Swipp banks which offers Swipps mobile banking.

Nordea is the only bank which has not yet launched Swipp, this will also make the knowledge to service larger – as Nordea is the largest bank with the largest customer group.

Swipp is also on the way in a business solution. It is already possible for smaller operators, with a private online banking, to connect a mobile phone number to an account, so customers can pay with Swipp for goods and/or services. However, work is being done on a wider solution for operators and retailers.