Millionaire Project in Kickstarter Generates Positive for Other Projects

Just over a month ago the legendary Tim Schafer, creator of famous games of adventure like Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, launched one crowdfunding project on Kickstarter for an adventure game. The project called for a modest $ 400,000 was a complete success to raise more than $ 1 million in the first 24 hours and just over $ 3.3 million at the end of the period of participation. He ended up helping several other projects indirectly.
A few days ago Kickstarter released some figures showing a large increase in public participation in other projects. “Double Fine Adventure”, Tim Schafer project had 87,000 donors, and 71% had not even given one US dollar to any other project on the site. These first – timers helped raise over $ 877,000 for other projects in the category of games in 1266 other projects, mainly in the category of games (almost US $ 640,000 in more than 18 000 projects).


Other categories that have benefited from the project were adventure Design, Film and Video, HQs and Technology.

Kickstarter alone, until the date of publication of this data, collected throughout its existence just over US $ 6.2 million in the category games, and 46% of this was only revenue coming from Double Fine Adventure. Another interesting fact is the average donation per week. Before Tom Schafer project, the average was 629 a week, but during the month that the project was in the air this average was in 9700.

The data also disclosed mention “Wasteland 2”, another project crowdfunding $ 900 thousand, as a result of the project that originated the series Fallout. Wasteland 2 has raised $ 1.9 million. As of March 28 almost $ 400,000 were users who donated on Kickstarter for the project Double Fine Adventure.

The expectation is that these numbers continue to grow and that more millionaires projects continue to emerge. Last week appeared the classic adventure remake project Leisure Suit Larry. The ambitious project calls for an initial collection of half a million dollars. In 3 days, it has achieved 10% of it.

Another project that also did well this was FTL: Faster than Light ( I interviewed one of those responsible last month here in TB), which requested $ 10,000 to complete the game and collected at the end of more than 2,000% of this amount, a total $ 200 thousand.

The big question that remains is: when other markets will be able to take a bite of this cake? Today all Kickstarter projects must necessarily be based in the US, mainly due to paperwork. Brazil and other parts of the world companies are still out of this party. In fact, it is even possible to try, but bring this whole collection to Brazil may take more than 50% share in taxes and fees. A pity for now.