Messenger Has a New Minigame of Football: That Does Not Fall Ball!

Sometimes the best way to get people to use your application is to force a little machine with a bombshell viral, and this is one of those initiatives. Similar to Messenger included a few months ago a mini-game of basketball, is now the turn of the Football.

The process is the same. In any conversation of Messenger, add an a soccer ball emoji and then touch it. This opens the minigame, where the goal is to give the greater number of touches the ball so that it touches the ground.

It is easier to tell it which do so, for the minigame falls into that category of games that They seem easy but they end up being rather more difficult than it seemed, to the Flappy Bird. Probably at the beginning do not spend a couple of touches, until you do it.

Not falling to the ground! Sounds easy, but…

Like it was happening in the basketball minigame, the game is enlivened with all kinds of floating emojis which give more dynamism and indications of how well you’re doing as you’re overcoming the different goals of touches.

The game will keep your best score, that shares in the chat window to ensure pique with your friends. Moreover, it is a mini-game very simple and without pretensions. Now that we have already explained it, let’s talk about important things: What is your best score?