Meet the Kuiper Completely Free Platform to Create Your Online Store

There are several platforms and-commerce that allow you to create your own online store, but things are not always so easy in practice. Some of the difficulties involve the payment of fees and unexpected fees, administration problems and limited functionality.

The Kuiper was created to circumvent all this and make the creation and maintenance of virtual stores something much more simple and enjoyable to the seller.

For starters, the Kuiper is completely free, with no differences according to plans features. The only fee is charged on the transactions effected, which are intermediated by Gerêncianet Online Payments.

Being a product of the company, the launch of which invested 1.8 million reais, payment in the Kuiper can be done safely in both billet and credit card, and the balance is transferred within 14 days to the seller.

Other advantages are the various options for customizing layout that the platform offers, product recommendations system and dynamic organization according to the customer history, automated newsletter each store and SEO mechanisms to better to rank the e-commerce sites search.

The Kuiper was released only to a group of retailers and reputable stores, but you can express interest via its portal. And from October 1, everyone who wants to debut its online store can do the record and put it in the air in a few minutes.