Meet the 7 Preferred Destinations for Fishermen

The Brazil is abundant in rivers, lakes and in your coast. With so much water, it is not difficult to find excellent fishing destinations.

If you’re already thinking about the next holiday, check out ideal destinations to combine rest and fishing without having to leave the country.


The rivers Amazon, Negro, Solimões and its tributaries are examples of what the Amazon has to offer for Brazilian fishermen. A perfect destination for fishing, combines natural beauty and great opportunities for those who are looking for fish like Peacock bass, traíras, arowanas and pirarucus.

The Araguaia River

The Araguaia bathes the States of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará and Tocantins. Throughout your course, are found various towns and numerous destinations suitable for freshwater fishing. The Araguaia is possible fish species such as apapás, pirararas, piraíbas, Palmettos and Peacock bass according to

Rio São Francisco

San Francisco is a river abounding in fish species. In all, more than 150 native fish species have already been identified. The river whose course runs from Minas Gerais to Alagoas, are fish like pacus, gilded, surubins is monitored via implanted, traíras and piranhas.


In the Pantanal is possible to combine the Paraguay River fishing with other forms of tourism, exploring the natural beauties of the region. Sport fishing in the region includes fish such as barbados, jaús, piraputangas and painted.

Uruguay River

In Brazil, the Uruguay River bathes the States of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. So, as in the Araguaia, the Uruguay River also has important cities bathed for waters. The fisherman find species like dourados, piavas, piracanjuvas and corimbas.

The Bahian Coast

Bahia is the State with the longest coastline in the country, adding more than 1180 kilometers of warm water beaches and very appreciated for tourism. The Bahian coast has a huge tourist structure, with hotels of various sizes and large resorts where you can stay in your fishing season. Some hotels in the State including offer packages that already include sport fishing at sea. The most common fish in Bahia are bass, snapper and whiting.

Espirito Santo coast

The coastline of the Holy Spirit brings together beautiful beaches and cities like the capital Victoria. Its coastline is less than that of Bahia, with approximately of 400 km. its waters offer varied species of fish and are the favorite fishing destination of those looking for fish such as Marlin, white marlin, blue tuna, skipjack and gold.

Have you chosen your destination for your next fishing trip? Do you know any of them or have another to indicate? Tell us in the comments below!