Meet 5 Hostels with Retro Decoration

The hostels in themselves are already known by your unique atmosphere for receiving tourists squander personality in his travels. But an interesting point is that many of these places investing in charming vintage-inspired environments to attract your customers. Retro Decoratingwith vintage furniture and objects, and innovative design are the some of the world’s most popular hostels. Separated 4 of them below, so you can include them in your next travel. Check out!

  1. WE Hostel Design | Sao Paulo, Brazil

To our joy, one of the most highly regarded hostels in the world is located in Brazil, more specifically in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo. With 91% of evaluation on Hostelworld, Macks vintage decoration location on its large environments. Strong colors and many ancient objects, such as phonograph, lamp, Ottomans, until a slate on the roof, the mansion of the beginning of the last century. There, it is still possible to enjoy several parties, karaoke nights, hamburger, DJs, etc. From R$ 50.

  1. The Independent Hostel & Suites | Lisbon, Portugal

Located on 1 1 Avenue full of restaurants, The Independent is considered one of the most luxurious hostels in the world. With an incredible terrace with views of the Mirador de São Pedro and São Jorge Castle, the building was the residence of a former Swiss Ambassador in Lisbon. In your decor is old posters can check, dishes and vintage furniture according to travelationary. Still worth checking out the lounge and restaurant (open to the public) of the site. From € 13.

  1. Lavender Circus Hostel | Budapest, Hungary

All the Lavender Circus Hostel appears to have gone straight from Pinterest. Located in a historic building in the heart of Budapest, the hostel is covered in retro furniture, antique objects and works of art everywhere. If you plan to stay there next trip, a glass of Hungarian wine of welcome awaits you soon on arrival. Not to mention the typical weekly jantaras. A delight! From €16.

  1. City Circus Athens | Athens, Greece

Located in the bohemian neighborhood of Psirri, the neo-classical building of the City Circus of Athens exudes personality, with an incredible view to the famous Acropolis. The retro furniture, Greek artists and wooden furniture provide even more beauty to the place. Are 11 rooms with air conditioning, breakfast with the face of hotel and a super cozy atmosphere for visitors. From € 18.

  1. Basecamp Bonn Youth Hostel | Bonn, Germany

Many tourists recommend the trip to Bonn, in Germany, just to meet the Basecamp Bonn. This hostel is nothing but trains, buses and trailers vintage gathered in a warehouse. The charm is in this mix between camp and hotel. There are 120 beds, distributed by all vehicles, Wi-Fi and breakfast. From € 54. Worth the experience!