Meant BitRate: IP Camera

The meaning of BitRate is bit rate. In this document we will explain in greater detail its meaning and how to adjust it according to our needs

It’s the Bitrate on an IP camera

To vary the value of the bitrate in chambers Foscam access to Video – > Video Settings and in the stream we want to use the value bitrate wish

After you modify the bitrate or another value in the video settings, we should check use the same stream to view video:

The following image is taken with a 1920x1080p resolution and a Bitrate 100 k

The value of Bitrate must be related to the resolution of the camera. Recommended values are:
Resolution BitRate

1080 p 4M

720 p 1M

VGA 512 Kb

Bitrates between 256 Kb to 100 Kb are recommended for resolutions in mobile or if you want to lower the use of bandwidth in the network.

To enlarge an image with a low Bitrate to understand how it affects the final result of the image this value:

We watched as some parts of the image if they show a certain definition, while elsewhere the quality is considerably lower.

In general it can be said that movement occurs in the image relates to the Bitrate:

  • Complex or motion images require higher Bitrate rate
  • Simple, without hardly moving images can use a lower Bitrate value

The same image with resolution 1080 p and 4K bit stream we can see the difference:

In short, the value Bitrate must be related directly with the resolution in order to get the resolution we wish. Only in conditions want to have less bandwidth use is recommended to modify this value on the recommended value for the resolution by use. In this document I leave more information about resolutions of IP cameras

Remember you can download more information about your IP camera on the web our site