Málaga Travel Guide


Málaga is the beautiful capital of the Costa del Sol. Málaga in southern Spain is both a city of culture and a beach destination. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday.

At the same time, the fascinating city of culture is a family-friendly beach destination

Málaga is a city of about 550,000 inhabitants located on the Spanish Sunshine Coast in the province of Andalusia. It is also the capital of the province bearing its own name.

Málaga is known for its warmth, Peri-Spanish culture, beautiful center and magnificent buildings. The city is a great destination for both beach holidaymakers and city travelers, as it is possible to combine both ways of traveling in a Spanish destination.


Málaga is also ideal for the cultural tourist, as the city has endless museums and interesting places to visit that will pamper the tourist interested in culture.

Málaga is a city of contrasts, where modern architecture meets the atmospheric old town with its narrow alleys and brightly colored old buildings. On the Costa del Sol, Málaga stands out from the resorts with its rich cultural offerings – dozens of museums and historical sites. Many Spanish traditions such as flamenco and bullfighting also live on in the city.

Málaga is also known as the hometown of the artist Pablo Picasso – the legendary artist was born there in 1881. Picasso’s childhood home at Plaza de Merced has been restored into a small museum.

The city of Málaga is located right by the sea.

Good destination all year round

Both tourists and locals thrive in Málaga, no wonder: the city has more than 300 sunny days a year. Málaga is a great destination all year round, as the temperature does not drop to frost, even during the winter months.

Málaga’s average temperature fluctuates at about 22-degree thunderstorms from April to October, and rainfall is rare. However, it is worth noting that midsummer is really hot, and it is not uncommon for the thermometer to rise to 40 degrees. The best time to travel to Málaga is spring, early summer or autumn.

Like the rest of Spain, Málaga is an affordable destination in Finnish terms, as the price level is about a third cheaper than in Finland.

Fun and traditions

According to DigoPaul, Málaga is known for its lively nightlife all year round. Bars, clubs and restaurants fill up evening after night as tourists and locals alike head to the city for the night.

The city’s biggest celebrations take place in August, when the Feria de Málaga fills the city’s streets with dance and music. The city is covered with party canopies where people can party even around the clock. Typical Andalusian dresses are seen above the women.

Another important holiday for Malaga is Easter, or semana santa . Visitors flock close and far to follow the religious processions moving around the city.

Málaga is suitable for almost all types of travelers. The city has both carefree beach life and the hustle and bustle of the big city and cultural treasures. The place is known for its lively nightlife, high-quality restaurants and numerous museums. However, the smaller holiday villages of the Costa del Sol are better suited for families with children.

The city of Málaga is located right by the sea

Tastes and scenery

Málaga is a classic that is one of the favorite destinations of many Finns. For a beach holiday on the Costa del Sol, it’s nice to combine a little of the city’s bustle and spectacular scenery. In the summer heat, head to the city’s botanical garden, which offers a cool oasis in the shade of flowers and trees and a beautiful vantage point.

In Málaga, you can also shop for your wallet lightly – the city’s most popular shopping street, Marqués de Larios, attracts stylists with its fashionable shops.

Spaniards like to have lunch according to a long formula. Lunch should be enjoyed on the beach boulevard, along which chiringuitos , or beach restaurants, await diners as the fish are already cooked. Typical local delicacies include Boquerones , small and tasty anchovies, and grilled sardines.

A safe city

A traveler can travel in Málaga quite safely as the city is a safe destination. However, your own property should be taken care of carefully, especially in areas and crowds favored by tourists.

Spanish is spoken in Spain, and the tourist also gets along best in Spanish in Málaga. Before the trip, it is worth learning at least greetings and words of compliment in the local language.