Makeup and Look with Glitter and Twinkle Walkthrough

A good idea at the time to perform the makeup is to add much brightness and color to the textures that give the sparkle or glitter are ideal, since they give brightness, flashes of light, and glamour.

In this article, we disclose some techniques to learn how to use these materials in a proper manner and be able to apply them to our daily look.

If you need to create a party or fancy look, nothing better to resort to the brightness to make the makeup. This product also known as glitter or glitter has been used for a long time as a cosmetic. At first, only for the theater or the ballet and then adapting the eyelids, cheeks, lips and body to any time and situation.

This product always manages to give a special touch of shine and bright makeup, creating a fun aspect to give colored reflections.

All the major cosmetics brands have between their specific products, with glitter, gold and silver with reflections or even iridescent. It is possible to apply in any area and only require the use of brush to put it gently and sometimes a fixative according to BEAUTYGENERATE.

The dazzling size determines your use often, if it’s too big it is best to reserve it for the night or for the young girls. Instead, if is small as dust, and, depending on your color, can also be adapted to an everyday look at any age.

Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, Nail Polish, lipstick, etc., all cosmetics that usually use to make up your own version has us with glitter. The important thing is to never use it all together, but take advantage of all this brightness to give a small tap light which will give extra light to the face.

Step by step to do a makeup with shine of impact

1- To start the face should be smooth and flawless, because the brightness will attract a lot of attention to the face and this must be impeccable. Satin bases may be used to give a touch of light without overdoing it.

2- To enhance your eyes with glitter begin applying the dark-colored eye shadow around the eyelid.

3- Then select the next eye shadow with glitter and apply it on the dark tone, as well as in the lower area of the lacrimal lashes. If instead if you have shadow pigment, so it should be a little wet the brush with fixer, pass it by the pigment and then put it on the eyelid. This will cause the sparkles settling better and don’t fall over her face.

4- It is important to go slowly, with the placing of sparkles and do it gradually until you get the desired effect (not too much).

5- For the lips, no brightness or colour should be in a soft monotone, because the highlight will be the eyes. Can also be a gloss.

6- Never forget the mascara on the eyelashes, a black that will require too much volume and applied several times will give the effect of highlighting the eyes and generate a captivating look.

The use of glitter has no limits and always will vary according to the chosen base color. For example, in the style “fairy” is used particularly intense, a heavenly look ideal for the girls of bright eyes or to combine in the summer. If you prefer something more subtle, you can choose Brown or beige opaque shadows and then give a touch of light with Golden glitter powder too subtle.

Something more daring are the eyes with Rhinestones to create fantasy looks. These little bright combine perfectly with the makeup of bright eyes, pale shadows and EYELINERS. To achieve the style rhinestone box is required (sold in all perfumeries in different colors and styles).

Are placed around the eyelid, on the top or bottom, in lacrimal or even around the eyebrows. Just need a pair of tweezers to grab them and put them and a special glue that usually comes included with the makeup of rhinestones so they don’t fall off.

Lipstick with Glitter

There are at least a decade appeared with the lip gloss type sparkles force, an entire revolution in this product that offered an additional glow to her lips. But the stakes have risen even more and you can find lip with small touches of glitter or glitter powder that adapt perfectly to your mouth.

You can also get the look by means of adhesives as Violent Lips that if cut on measure the lip of each woman and brings very unique designs. Are ideal for women not as specialists who want to try this look which certainly draws a lot of attention.

Nails and hair with shine

Other details that can be added to shine are the nails through the glazes that are already prepared with color and any style of sparkles. With only two hands, the result are very modern nails with all the brilliant touch. These polishes can be used on a colour or alone. But be careful, if the brightness is too large, you need to use top coat to detach from the nail with some friction.

Finally, the wildest can use this hair fashion with gloss or extensions with products such as gel or spray which are placed easily and give this light so special.

There is no excuse for not putting into practice all these looks and techniques for makeup at night or every day start to have a special glow. You just have to animate with different textures and colors in any area of the body.