Loudspeaker Acoustic Energy Elite 3 + Center

Sound mastered the acoustic energy Elite 3 (1000 euros the pair) in a quiet, dignified gait as well as hearty attacks.

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At the EÆlite 3 of the British brand of acoustic energy, also experienced testers come in the Grublen whether the fully in real wood veneer-clad and elaborately curved pillar actually for less than 1000 euros can change hands. The appearance suggests rather the class around 1400 euros, which recently had stereoplay in issue 12/2009 guest.

But the pair price of around 1000 euros is confirmed by the German sales on demand once again, without the explanatory note that the calculation only rises, because the essentially British manufacturer works with a far Eastern partners, the largest and most experienced in the industry ranks.

Acoustically, the Elite 3 is anything but a sham. The parallel bass chassis use something like the smaller midrange membranes made of high-strength aluminium, which were painted a more conservative look due to black. The baskets consist of die-cast, not like when one dough er boxes usual made of sheet steel.

A supporting base plate with recordings for spikes, as well as the possibility to fill the lower part of the casing for the purpose of greater neutrality, with sand are evidence of the audiophile claim of at least 18 kilogram box, which tickles decibel sound pressure from their four single chassis if necessary stolze105.

All musical styles dominated the box

Sound dominated the Elite 3 the quiet, dignified gait as well as hearty attacks and recommended itself as a universal converter without extreme properties in some areas. All in all showed the box a huge roundness and ripeness.

The ideal for sound comparisons stereoplay– book-CD by January of this year (with six congenial titles of Swiss Studio group “Yello”) graduated from the decorative column very engaged and with infectious happiness.

The corresponding Center: Acoustic energy Elite Center

No simple challenge is to build that one hundred percent so sounds like the corresponding main speakers, a Center. The most Center should or must be smaller and be aligned horizontally, not vertically. Both of these factors change the sound enormously, even if there are identical chassis which often alone is not possible due to differences in height.

Who wants to test whether a Center with the rest matches the chain, takes pink noise (via test-CD; Box and Center side by side) or a movie with galloping horses, as well as other sounds that move.

The Elite Center of acoustic energy uses the same tweeter as the status box. Its two cone chassis similar to the midrange of the status box. The Center sounds darker than the Elite 3, not quite so openly. Appropriate, it shows weakness. MIDs and bass is slightly too low.

Acoustic energy Elite 3

Manufacturer Acoustic energy
Price €1000.00
Rating 49.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 23.0 cm
Height 92.0 cm
Depth 29.7 cm
Weight: 18.0 kg
Installation tip: free-standing, distance 2.5 m, normal damped rooms up to 35 m²
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 3.8 V
Impedance minimum stp 4.7 ohm
Maximum volume upper value 105 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 105 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 55 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 50 Hz
Short conclusion Cheap three way box with atypical class lavish housing and sand be filling cash base. Balanced, finer and cleaner sound without extreme properties. Suitable for all styles of music.
Sound Top-class
Naturalness 10
Fine resolution 11
Border dynamics 9
Bass quality 9
Figure 10
Sound points (70 points) 49
Measured values 7
Practice 5
Valency 7
Overall rating (max. 120 points) well 68
Price / performance Very good
tested in output 2 / 10