Logitech DiNovo Mini in the Practice Test

Smartphones, tablets, and game consoles are usually not just pattern candidates what’s comfortable entering text. To improve this situation, there are additional keyboards, which dock on the respective devices via Bluetooth. In the best case, they bring good tip comfort, a familiar layout and also with a high degree of mobility. Because it will finally go to cut with Smartphone or tablet in the keys. For example, with the Logitech DiNovo mini.

Actually, the Logitech DiNovo wants mini be prefer a wireless keyboard for PC and PlayStation 3. In doing so, it is suitable also ideally suited for iPhone and iPad. But from the outset: The Logitech DiNovo mini comes with a higher claim than many other mobile Bluetooth keyboards. Already the handsome price of around 120 euros shows that (in the net you will find for around 85 euros) and the expansive package. In it you will find the keyboard, a Bluetooth USB stick (for computers without Bluetooth module), a driver CD, an AC Adaptor/charger, a cleaning cloth and a printed manual.

The keyboard itself is due to their round 15 x 9 x 2.8 cm and 170 grams by far no longer host discharge ash, but she always finds a spot in the Briefcase. But you need also a place for the charger, because differently than in many other portable Bluetooth keyboards you can just recharge mini the battery in the Logitech DiNovo via a USB cable. For about a month, the changeable 950 mAh battery according to Logitech used to hang. Then he must for four hours to the outlet so that it is again fully charged.

One reason for the slightly larger dimensions of the keyboard is the cover that protects the buttons down or in the Pocket and also serves as a on and off switch. Also, Logitech uses the extra space for a trackpad that replaces an additional mouse as an input device. However you must fully grasp for a Rechsklick, because to do so it is necessary with the right thumb the “FN”- and with the left press the “OK” button. There is also an extra row of keys just for the Media Player control and two large buttons to scroll or zoom.

Type here the DiNovo mini is a keyboard that holds firmly with two hands and operated with the thumb. The unit is super in the hands. The keys are sufficiently large, have a slight curvature and a well-defined pressure point. However the underlying contact film crackles somewhat, resulting in a not exactly pleasant tip noise. It bother but just sensitive users. The processing of the keyboard is OK, even if largely simply acting plastic prevails and is every now and then to hear a creaking.

Despite the lack of space, Logitech of important keys such as enter, shift, the rear or delete key and the function key (FN) has bought more space. However, essential keys on the double had to give way especially in Germany: to the “ä” which “ü” and to write the “ß”, must one actually first press “Fn” and at the same time on the corresponding Letter end key. A very big minus! The “ö” had fortunately still place. Although keyboard generally not for fast typing is designed, but such detours to bring additional – actually avoidable – delays. Other symbols are not always where one she is used by a “large” keyboard. After all, all special characters and symbols in General on the keyboard are available – one must get used “only” to the new location. Another key raises question marks for the first time: there is the familiar Windows button twice. But only the version with the letter meets the usual function. The highly exposed other Windows key bottom right is only good to start the Windows Media Player.

Nice: it opens up the lid or touches a button or trackpad, the keypad lights turn on. Nocturnal will be pleased.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Logitech DiNovo narrows mini their communication partner clearly: under the battery cover you will find a small switch, via which you can choose between “PC” and “PS3”. In our test, the Logitech DiNovo worked mini but also with a iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, and Mac. With the iPhones, you can use the trackpad to move the cursor but only as a D-pad (Digitalpad). On the PC and Mac, you can configure many settings of the keyboard via the supplied software “SetPoint”. Communication use Bluetooth version 2.0 and the HID profile.

Conclusion: The practical trackpad and the protection cover are unique features, which bring the Logitech DiNovo mini brownie points. There are concessions for the incorrect positioning of the umlauts and some special characters. The keyboard is not much match prediction, but rather for Opportunity and to control a media PC. The high price is however not justified.