LINE-Up Now Encrypts All Your Messages, like WhatsApp

Increasingly we are becoming more demanding in terms of the security and privacy of our communications. If you do a few years we would be satisfied with a messaging application to include the encryption of communications with, now increasingly more voices are raised to defend that if encryption is Optional, few people will use it and therefore lose effectiveness.

This is the same situation that we have frequently seen first with Allo and more recently Facebook Messenger: both will include encryption, but it will be disabled unless you indicate otherwise by incompatibilities with intelligent functions (Assistant and bots, respectively) that are an essential part of your experience.

LINE-up for its part introduced encryption from end to end at the end of last year, here named as Letter Sealing or encrypted message, although its use was not very standardized. You could activate it in the Chat options, but it would only work if the other person also had it activated. That, or use a Secret chat. Privacy is now simplified: the secret Chat disappear, and their encryption enhancements are applied to all traditional chat rooms.

Even so, you can disable

He has announced line-up in the bare-bones release, with the change of month has come to the extinction of the Chat secrets, which were basically the same as a normal chat, but with extra features such as messages that their particular time or additional encryption. With this change are extinguished by both messages auto-destruibles in LINE, if you used them, you will have to get another application of messaging.

Thus, the main novelty is that LINE encryption is now enabled by default on all normal conversations, but that does not mean that no you can disable it manually if you wish for any reason. In the Settings – Chat and voice calls It is still the option to activate or deactivate Letter Sealing. With one side to turn it off, encryption is gone.

If you want to check if your conversation online is encrypted with Letter Sealing, have the relevant checklist in the the chat in question – key encryption options. Here there is no QR codes as in WhatsApp, but a string of letters and numbers that should be identical in transmitter and receiver.