LG Prepares Launch of Webos Based Smartwatch

Android Wear may pose difficulties to other alternatives in segments such as smart watches, but that does not seem to prevent other platforms from making their mark in this market.

We already saw how Samsung launched its Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo with Tizen, Pebble is still struggling for its relevancy , and now it is LG that could be preparing a webOS based smartwatch-apart from its theoretical 3G smartwatch project.

This operating system that apparently was only going to be used in televisions of the firm could now make the leap to this type of solutions. This is indicated by a website for developers in which LG makes clear its intentions with the publication, in addition to a beta SDK for the so-called webOS SmartWatch.

LG’s strategy in this market seems similar to that of Samsung: although its devices have already made a clear commitment to Android Wear-G Watch and especially the G Watch R pose a notable alternative to other market proposals- the company Seems to want to have a plan B and take advantage of a platform that is giving them certain joys in televisions.

The news is curious when not long ago we learned that Pebble had just signed the design team of the webOS interface. There does not seem to be any agreement between the two companies, but we must be vigilant. What is clear is that the immaturity of all current platforms in the field of smart watches could give wings to projects until now minority as webOS.