LG Optimus One in the Practice Test

Not expensive, but good – this equation has rarity value in the Smartphone market: with the Optimus one, LG manages a recommended product at a low price.

Whether the hero of transformers named Optimus Pate confessed to Prime for the new smartphone series by LG, was not to bring in experience.

A comparison with the changeable Autobots would be fitting but in any case: the here tested Optimus one Android model serves almost every need without a murmur, always flexible and remains largely good-natured in the field of the technical program of the duty – and it barely costs 230 euros. So, it’s no wonder that LG managed to get so far over a million copies.

Compact, lightweight and rich in addons

However, you must restrict that almost everything about the 128 grams represents mediocrity to comparatively slight Optimus one: whether it comes to the TFT display with its diagonal of 3.2 inches and resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, the processing of the device or to support fast wireless standards, with the absence of HSUPA and fast Wi-FI after the draft-N standard less comprehensive is as competitor of HTC – in the area of top-quality is the Optimus one definitely not at home.

That wants to and but do not need it. His preferences are, for example, in the great handiness: the compact smartphone is a real woman, disappears easily in all types of bags and it appears stable enough to tolerate even harder manners.

Also LG allows for the targeted audience and newcomers in terms of Android: so the useful LG app Advisor is also preinstalled on the Optimus one as a backup service that allows even online backups with the free Box.net-Dienst. And the unit remains in the future – an early update on the now featured Android version 2.3 has announced LG for the Optimus one.

In terms of storage, the Koreans take a different approach than the competition from HTC: instead of a huge internal memory offers just the Optimus one 138 megabytes, but a memory card that accompanies him.

The LG device as his test opponents directly as a navigation device can be used with GPS receiver and current Android Version 2.2 – you also no longer needs an online connection, because with the new version of Google maps, the map-based turn-by-Turn Navigation works also offline.

Such a variety of feature is not self-evident in this price class. And with the homegrown LG Launcher, the Optimus one has also a well-to-use user interface, the stark reminds of the also excellent HTC sense interface.