LG C300 in the Practice Test

The LG C300 with typewriter keyboard and a fight price of 120 euros are social networks and messaging in the foreground.

The LG C300 surnamed town depends solely on the basis of the cheap price on a young Publkum, and is visually designed, available in several colours and pants pocket-friendly flat.

The QWERTZ or keyboard is well formed and offers clean defined pressure points. However, the pushers are somewhat slippery, what can disturb something in fast writing ben. The user interface is not particularly chic, yet easily manages the operation of the LG C300 in the practice test.

Slightly less than the 2.4 inch display fails, but at a cost of only 120 euro, this should be no to severe criticism since the appearance is quite sharp, the resolution is 320 x 240 pixels.

The equipment just fails, so missing the LG C300 UMTS and Wi-FI for fast traffic.

The fastest communication standard of the LG C300 is EDGE. Surfing the NET can become the test of patience. For the widgets of social networks like Facebook, StudiVZ and Twitter is the speed – as long as it is not too impatient.

The camera resolution of two mega pixel photo and video 176 x 144 pixels is enough only for very simple snapshots and movies. The internal memory of the LG C300 contains 20 megabytes, can be expanded via microSD card, but only to 2 gigabytes. The equipment is rounded off by an FM radio, Bluetooth with stereo profile, MP3-player, email client, and Windows Live Messenger.

Conclusion: For SMS-tipper

We should expect too much from the data functions with Faceboo application as well as the camera. Who places value on these points, must invest more easily. But anyone looking for a cheap mobile phone, with the speedy SMS typing can which should take, the LG C300 to sample type in the hand.