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Panfilov Park Almaty


Almaty is no longer the official capital of Kazakhstan and remains a lively center of the region. An impressive contrast between modern city life and the imposing peaks of the Tien Shangeberge enchants the visitor. 120 nations live in the international and cosmopolitan city, the majority are Russians. The multicultural city offers sights from sports, art, culture and history.

The heart of Panfilov Park beats in the center of the city. It is a kind of Central Park of this pulsating Central Asian metropolis. The park from the 1870s is located to the east of Almaty city center in the Medeu district. Former city fathers named the park on the site of the former cemetery after Ivan Vasilyevich Panfilov, a defender of the 28th Guard Infantrymen.

Monuments and structures

According to topschoolsintheusa, the Ascension Cathedral and the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments are the well-known and architecturally impressive buildings in the park. The Russian Orthodox Cathedral is considered the city’s landmark and is the second largest wooden structure in the world. The Museum of Kazakh Folk Musical Instruments has been showing exhibits by well-known local composers and singers since 1980.

Integrated into the impressive park is a memorial to the 30th anniversary of the victory over the German Empire. A place where the residents of the city remember the fallen of the Second World War. The blazing flame of the eternal fire and a statue of Panfilov’s soldier are an impressive reminder of this time.

Another monument in the park is one by Tokash Bokin, an oversized granite statue five meters high.

Youth and festivals

In spring and summer the park is a popular meeting place for the youth of Almaty. A large-scale festival takes place there on May 9th every year. Even today, the population celebrates the former victory over Nazi Germany on this day. In addition to the New Year celebrations on March 22nd, this is one of the most important celebrations in the Kazakh annual calendar. Definitely plan the city and the park on a trip through Kazakhstan!


The colorful lake in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, not far from the border with China, there is a saltwater lake that is particularly attractive. Lake Alaköl is located on the eastern edge of the country, between the provinces of Almaty and East Kazakhstan. With an area of ​​over 2500 square kilometers, it is the second largest inland body of water in the country.

Wild nature

Nestled between rugged rock faces and barren desert, in a valley at 347 meters above sea level, you have a fascinating panorama. Away from the hectic cities and mass tourism, the Alakölsee is part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Alakol State Nature Reserve”. It was established because it is part of the Central Asian-Indian bird migration route that use the area as a feeding ground and breeding ground. Here you can discover rare animal and plant species.

The Alakölsee, its surroundings and some islands are home to over 200 different plants, more than 50 mammals, over 200 species of birds and up to 1000 species of insects, which invite nature lovers to study trips.

Due to different weather and light conditions, the color of the lake changes during the day. In the morning a deep turquoise characterizes the picture, which alternates with azure blue tones in the afternoon hours. This is why the lake got its name: “Alakol” means “colorful” in the Kazakh language.

Healing effect

Due to its high salt content, the water of the Alakölsee is said to have a healing effect. Skin irritation as well as chronic colds are relieved by bathing alone. The remote location and the tranquility of nature also have a very positive effect on body, mind and soul.

Timid tourism

Since the nearest airport is a few hundred kilometers away, you will spend a quiet holiday at Alakölsee. There is a small airline that flies near the lake, as well as buses and trains that will take you to your destination.

You will either be accommodated on a campsite, where you can spend the night in bungalows or small houses in addition to tents, or in one of the few resorts.

You are sure to be cheaper and closer to the locals if you rent a house as private accommodation. For nature lovers who do not want to miss the healing properties of the water and who do not prefer luxurious all-inclusive holidays, the Alakölsee is warmly recommended. June and August are good travel times in summer. This secret corner of Kazakhstan deserves to be discovered and explored.

Alakölsee Kazakhstan