Iphone Apps Tested-Part 2

79 cents, useful investment?
As part of a small series, I would like to present some iPhone OS apps that have two things in common: on the one hand, they are a real software bargain with a price of around 79 cents, on the other hand they are supposed to make the everyday life of a technology geek considerably easier. Whether an investment of less than one euro really pays off will be shown. On the other hand, has not everyone already bought something useful in a Euro store? This time: “holidays and school holidays” and “shoppers”.
Holidays and school holidays, tested version: 2.7.0, size: 0.4 Megabyte
The work is annoying, the school anyway: There helps only one-dream of the next holiday or the next vacation. And then you think further: When is that at all? The little app holidays and school holidays have the answer: in short, the tool of “Must Have It”, when you can sleep the next time in the middle of the week.

The app is not limited to Germany and its federal states, but has data from many countries: Who would not want to know the holidays of Japan, Luxembourg, Cuba or Mexico?Furthermore you have the possibility to enter your own holiday or free days into the app and thus have all the beautiful days of the year at a glance in front of you. A further function is the seasonal display: Here the program shows the “Feriendichte” in color and thus makes it clear when holidays make especially the portmone. Holidays and school holidays, in particular with the amount gathers a lot of points, so that I also this app a clear purchase recommendation, even for those who no longer go to school.

Shopper, tested version: 3.0.2, size: 1.3 Megabytes
A typical scenario: At home, you know exactly what you want to throw into the shopping cart and write it in a classic way on a paper slip. Once you have arrived in front of the shelves, you will notice what you have forgotten: the jeans only contain the trumpet trinity, the key, the iPhone, the wallet. Not the shopping cart. I admit, you could have stuck it in the wallet too… But who will get it before he arrives at the supermarket parking lot?

For those cases, there is a pleasantly practical iPhone app: Shopper. The small tool helps to ban the shopping list into the iPhone. Of course, not classic, stupid typing would eventually work with the notepad included in the iPhone.

So what did the developers of shoppers think? Virtually every product already exists with its own properties in the app, so you only have to click the desired shopping cart. For example, you simply enter “M” and search for things like maize, marjoram, margarine or jam. The selection is quite diverse. And if the desired good is not there, you can also hand yourself and expand the food library to Gusto.

Cool is also that you can add a photo to each product. Although it does not have much use in principle, it still makes a lot of fun. If you have everything you regularly buy in the product list, you can put your shopping list together promptly. Wheat bread, milk, water. Finished.

Even if everyone does not want to keep their iPhone in their hands when shopping, Shoppers can also offer support in the supermarket: If you simply click on a product in the shopping list, it will migrate into the virtual shopping cart. The last step is the “checkout” button. If you push this, all products from the shopping cart disappear in the program and you can already look forward to the next big digital-supported shopping. Overall, Shopper is actually a useful app, if you really want to run with the iPhone in the hand through the store. I will probably continue to take notes in the future despite the nice play. I forget that in two out of five cases, but the piece of paper may also drop during the shopping on the floor.