iPhone 5S-How to Become the New Camera

The camera in the new top iPhone 5S offers many exciting news.

-“People love taking photos – We wanted to get smarter and better” – so it sounded from the stage, since Apple introduced the camera in their new iPhone 5S.

The image sensor has been 15 percent higher. The image sensor is the chip that captures the image and together with the lens, to a large extent, determine the image quality. In the new camera has a lens aperture of f/2.2.

IOS 7 is designed to take advantage of the new camera and sets even white balance and exposure. A new type of flash called True tones choose among 1,000 variants a flash exposure, which gives better flashlight and thus nicer images.

In order to avoid shaking the camera images have also built-in automatic beetle destabilisation, which corrects the vibration to the user makes by hand.

The camera in the new iPhone can, among other things, record images in “Burst mode”, where the phone captures 10 frames per second, as long as the trigger is held down.

The lightning-fast processor analyzes the A7 images recorded in “Burst mode” and the user will be presented with the image that supposedly is the best.

There can also be included panoramic images up to 28 megapixels, where exponeringen can be adjusted during recording.

On the video side recorder phone HD video at 720 p and is able to record 120 frames per second, which allows for “Slo-Mo” video, so video in slow motion with beautiful details.