iPhone 5S and 5 c-Apple Sells out of Core Values

Comment: Luksusbrandet Apple sells out of core values. Now to the iPhone will no longer be for the few, but for all. Forced necessity, in order not to lose further ground.

Apple’s event in Cuptertino Tuesday night gave us perfect as the rumors have circulated about a new iPhone-top model and a cheaper version.

I was in no way surprised, but subsequently had the feeling “was that really it”. That being said, will probably sell iPhone 5S really well around the world.

I commented on the events Tuesday at an iPhone event in Copenhagen, where about 150 Apple-supporters was met up. The majority agreed that Apple certainly had not created a revolution, but most were still prepared to buy the new model.

I think it says a little bit about that, if you are hooked on Apple, it is difficult to drop them again.

The fingerprint reader is a smart approach, but not something that in itself will determine whether customers will choose or opt-out of the phone. If it works, and not as such readers are have it teases in the habit of doing, it is without a doubt a real showoff-feature for owners of these phones.

The sensor can also get Apple and iOS system, to take a step in the direction of being perceived as a more secure platform.

iPhone 5 c is the quest for new customers

Apple need to acquire new customers among the group, which will not pay 5-6,000 dollars for premium products. In Denmark, we have generally much money between your hands, and we’d like to throw a lot of money for delicious products – that is precisely why, turn iPhone 5 c it to many other consumers around the world, who are so good at the sleeve, as we are.

Worldwide smartphone market in the second quarter of 2013, held up against the same quarter of 2012, according to Gartner, gives Apple a market share of 14.2 percent and Samsung 31.7 percent.

Samsung has a good grip in highend as well as midrange and lowend. The wide range of products ensure them good market share. Why is iPhone 5 c a necessary evil, more than a product created by desire – just as it happened when Apple launched the iPad Mini.

If not Apple must fall further behind in market shares, they cannot be content to sell highend products to the Western world. That is precisely why the agreement with China Mobile incredibly important, because it is the largest Chinese operator. China Mobile has over 700 million subscribers.

Several international analysis points to the fact that it houses the coming years will be the developing world, that’s going to drive growth in the smartphone market. This means a shift to a greater focus on midrange products, rather than only high-end, as we have been accustomed to.

Is it cheap enough?

Immediately indicated the price on the iPhone 5 c with 16 GB of memory, to be 3,699 crowns as the starting price, which may be said to be quite a high price, especially with developing countries ‘ glasses on.The price, however, is not official from Apple, in the absence of communicated prices in Denmark.

In the German Apple Store is iPhone 5 c to almost 4,500 crowns – no matter what, a really high price. By comparison, cost a iPhone 5 (16 GB) right now around 4,500 kroner in Denmark.

One possibility is, of course, that Apple chooses to sell the phone with tiered prices in different markets – or via carrier subsidies, for I do not believe in sales success in a country like China for the price.

In other words, the price may be artificially high side. If Apple expects or forcing telecommunications companies to throw money after products.

Brands on sale

Even though iPhone 5 c in its many pastel colors, just have an iPhone 5 wrapped in plastic, it doesn’t change the fact that the new expression, is a showdown with Apple’s premium highend strategy reserved for the Special Committee. the iPhone should now really be for “all”.

You could say that the known high-profile trademark has come on sale, or something which greatly recalls. It’s good for Apple is that more customers in the future, will walk around with an iPhone in your pocket.

Over time, the number of sold C-models are likely to surpass the number of top models, but the animal model is still important, since many jo’d into the store and “see the giraffe”. In addition, a company must have a high profile, top of the range, in order to send a signal to the market that they can make themselves among their competitors.

It is rarely seen, that a trademark will be stronger by, to get on the discount.

Apple is like the other

Apple no longer has a strong personal profile to sell the company, and they have to act on the basis of normal market forces. Apple begins for each new launch, to remind more and more about the other manufacturers in the electronics market.

I said earlier that the shine is about to fall off, and the magic disappears – which with the new launch, once again is currently.

At the same time, it is important to remember that Apple remains the only electronics brand that can get customers to queue in front of the shops lie in the days and weeks of waiting for the next iPhone that right basalt can be almost the same as its predecessor.