iPhone 5S and 5 C-a Bid of Danish Dates and Prices

When will iPhone 5S and 5 c to Denmark? Here is a good bet.

Apple has announced that they are coming with iPhone 5S and 5 c.

But the presentation Tuesday, 10. September was not particularly accurate in all respects, and the subsequent news releases were also flawed, particularly around the details of delivery on the Danish market as well as the Danish prices.

Apple has not returned with additional information, but the Director of Humac-chain, which is the country’s largest Apple dealer, would like to indicate when he think products lands in Denmark.

-“It is my expectation that we will get the products for sale on the 18th. October 2013. Whether it will be the 17. to midnight or the next day, I cannot say, “says Michael Bech, President and country Manager in our site.

On the basis of calculations and estimates he tries, to deliver his guess at what the phones will cost approximately.

-“iPhone 5S in 16 GB version will be situated to approximately 5,300 dollars, without subscription. iPhone 5 c will come to approximately 3,699 crowns, and maybe we’ll even see it in the price war down to 2,999 crowns, “concludes Michael B.

The current iPhone 5 with 16 GB memory is costing right now around 4,500 dollars without subscription. On Apple’s Web store was the launch price in 2012 5,199 crowns.