Iphone 3gs: Preischeck In Europe

Belgium, Italy and now also the Czech Republic
After yesterday it was announced that T-Mobile increases the prices of the iPhones with its small contracts, one or the other surely is considering whether it is worth to purchase a free iPhone in other European countries. So far, the new iPhone 3GS has been unlocked only in Belgium and Italy. Our Czech neighbors have now also caught up with a little delay and have been presenting Apple’s latest generation in their shop windows for several days. However, what prices are calling the mobile mobile providers-I experienced a small surprise…
First, it is clear that the iPhone 3GS is already available as its predecessor with all three larger providers, namely Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2 . Let’s make the Preischeck:


IPhone 3GS 16 GB: 15,777 Kronen=according to current day price approx. 610.86 Euro

IPhone 3GS 32 GB: 18,377 crowns=according to current day price approx. 711.53 Euro


IPhone 3GS 16 GB: 15.895 CZK=according to current day price approx. 615,43 Euro

IPhone 3GS 32 GB: 18,395 crowns=according to current day price approx. 712.22 Euro

At the pink mobile phone salesmen, I could only discover online a 32 GB iPhone 3GS, at a price of 17,999 kroner, but still seem to add monthly costs. In this respect, we can leave T-Mobile out on the price comparison.

We compare these prices, with the so far known in Belgium ( Mobistar ) and Italy (the cheapest Apple store ):


IPhone 3GS 16 GB: 575 euros

IPhone 3GS 32 GB: 675 euros


IPhone 3GS 16 GB: 599 euros

IPhone 3GS 32GB: 699 euros

So we can say that the iPhone 3GS is currently the most favorable in Belgium, followed by Italy and finally by the Czech Republic. This makes me wonder. Even before the previous model, this was completely different, because a year ago, the Czechs were the absolute price breakers, followed by Italy and Belgium as the last light-welcome to the wrong world ;-)!With all the love for a free iPhone, you should always keep in mind the overall costs. In this context, T-Mobile expects to be cheaper in Germany for two years in most cases. However-this is not to be neglected-a purchase abroad is certainly worthwhile for special matters, eg for the European business traveler, who often crosses the borders with several SIM cards.