Interview with Leo Shimizu, CEO of

If you do not know the site, know that the the newspaper New York Times considered it as the future competitor of Facebook. Social network mixing with content aggregator, it is regarded as an operating system that runs in the browser itself (provided it is able to display HTML5).

The Metheoro, reader our site interviewed the CEO of Leo Shimizu answers questions about the future of the site and how sees privacy on the network, so important nowadays.

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At first glance, is a cute network that brings more of the same. also starting from the simplistic point that it is a “new customer” and “content aggregator”, you may be surprised by the possibilities the site offers: from an integrated chat with video conferencing to create and hashtags monitoring and is spoken in certain parts of the world.

The is not a social network; It is an operating system social. It is web 3.0.

Metheoro – The Google and Facebook emerged from a college project to completion. Where did the

Leo Shimizu – It’s almost the same story. The idea and the outline emerged when I was finishing college, since the course I thought of something like, discussions about cloud computing and operating systems online were already major topics of debate, the only thing we did it was out of classrooms and put into practice. I can say that we think of, but we had it “all ready” as we have today.

Metheoro – What are the technologies used by you at the construction site? How much time is spent?

Leo Shimizu – It’s almost two years of uninterrupted work, almost 24 hours. We use based on the HTML5 and CSS3. was designed and built as a desktop application rather than a traditional website. For example: once you log on the site, it is not necessary to reload for things to work. They just start to run before him. This is our difference for some social networks.

Metheoro – And what does

Leo Shimizu – comes from Latin and is related to the carrier pigeons that were used in the Middle Ages (and even part of the twentieth century). They had a reputation for being reliable, fast and were reconhecidospor get where almost no one came. We thought then that the is and like them, hence the name.

Metheoro – In addition to financial motivation, which leads to the creation of a startup like this?

Leo Shimizu – We look as the next generation of the web. It is the web 3.0, if you see a little forward. I think have the chance to really change the world, connecting people. is about communicating. You can use the Global area of our website and see what people are talking and participate in conversations. You can sign up to receive, for example, subjects in one place and have that real monitoring in your timeline. It is a form of knowledge sharing: pictures, messages, videos, tweets. We are promoting content rather than just promote people.

Metheoro – How your company is positioned in this respect privacy on the network, even though Facebook is increasingly open?

Leo Shimizu – What we found after much research is that privacy is like a rainbow, is a spectrum. On the one hand, we have environments (and people who prefer) private and intimate, with chats and video conferences. On the other hand, you have what we call global voyeurism and narcissism, which is facilitated and propagated by products such as Facebook and Twitter. Our idea is to be quick to spread the content, but terms that quality content: you can discuss and create more collaborative environment.

Metheoro – What are the next steps for you?

Leo Shimizu – The world today is the access cell, then the mobile version of comes soon. We will also open the platform for the development of third party applications, because the apps that come out are an important part for the development of our idea for sure.

Metheoro – Nowadays people are saturated by the constant avalanche of information. How can be different? How will your social network in five years?

Leo Shimizu – We look at ourselves as a social operating system. I think is a solution to this world in which we live. In five years, and I’m working as never before to this, whenever you think of communicating with someone, the brand you will think will be

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