Integrated Amplifier with Network Connection Soneteer Morpheus

The Greek dream God Morpheus stood Godfather at the Sun tar combination amplifier and streaming client. Are sound and operation of Soneteer Morpheus (2750 euro) also divine?

The combination of Hi-Fi and timeless, fine, not the design: Readers of stereoplay be thinking inevitably on the B & O products. Now comes a flounder-flat, highly elegant eye-candy, which combines integrated amplifier and streaming client from England: the Sun tar Morpheus. He is barely 5 centimeters deep, equipped with a glossy acrylic glass front, which is framed by (optionally colored) metal, as well as on the main reduced controls. The optical qualities are wonderful – to the namesake, the Greek dream God Morpheus, to bring at the beginning of the tests in the game.
Hypnos, father of the gods by Morpheus, had his pleasure at the wheel of the shining stares in the middle of the device, not just the looks, but also the game drive in draws – and with which you can navigate easily through the different modes of the device. A small display lights to behind the tidy acrylic glass front.

Miniature IC as amplifiers

In the Interior of the Morpheus one hides very clean customer Board, where there are complete control and the preamp section. Only the amplifiers throne on small boards about it. Who here looking for big power transistors, looking in vain. Small, even fingernail-sized ICs take the heavy lifting: Sun tar is on class-D digital amplifiers.

On the back of the Morpheus is open for three sources of stereo RCA; on the sides, it offers SD cards, USB sticks and even iPod via a 3.5 mm stereo Jack & co.. The USB input supplies in case of need as the batteries of heavy metal remote control – a clever detail, which shows: here is raged from the engineers not only in the design but thought also on the little things of everyday life. Optional is a Bluetooth module that allows access to music stored in your phone. Output of the Morpheus provides connection for a pair of speakers and a preamp and an “expansion slot”, the later more Sun tar device docked let.

Also the 6.5 x 3.5 centimeter-large display is as simple and uncluttered as the front of the Sun tar (only depending on the mode differently occupied buttons for playback control and source selection, as well as a standby button can be found on her). Only text, no graphics, simple, minimalist operation is equivalent to the design there. Already it is once of the Cyclops eye closed and confirmed with a pressure – in the configuration menu. Much goes here automatically.

Some network experience is helpful

A little network knowledge should be however available, you want to book the Morpheus in the Wi-FI network: depending on the router model and level of security and visibility of the network you should not be using terms like IP address, SSID, or gateway at loggerheads. Wi-FI access to the editors own Fritz box there only after manual configuration. But also here the clearly arranged menu pays off, step by step, to get to the target. Who wired goes into the home network, is it not affected.

Once these settings are made, the Morpheus is ready to play. Select “Media Player” on the knob, a pressure – and he is open to files from the USB stick (including MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF and FLAC). Quickly the data will be read as well as clean sorted by artist and album on the small display presented. Individual tracks or whole albums are recorded in the playlist with further pressure on the Cyclops eye.

Not just USB flash drives can be searched for music: the clearly arranged instruction manual describes exactly how you can share individual folders containing music files for the network on your PC or MAC. These are then indexed by the Morpheus also and incorporated.

A further twist of the dial, and the Morpheus makes contact to uPnP servers. Asset uPnP immediately found in the stereoplay listening room, the browsing of a wide variety of search trees ran quickly and easily.

High bit support will be submitted

The built-in display is too small, which controls the playback via a uPnP ControlPoint. The Plugplayer on an iPod, for example, knew right off the bat with the Sun tar, should go but not in sleep mode during playback.

Stereoplay Tip: Even formats the Sun tar can not play, leave with asset uPnP “on the fly” in the .WAV format, convert – asset must be configured only.

This is important especially for high bit files: the Morpheus still confined to the CD format, but his converter is 24-bit/96-kHz-capable. A software update, it is said will allow high bit playback.

stereoplay wishes two improvements for this update: gapless playback for interruption-free playback and a way forward within titles and rewind.

The Sun tar is also capable of boarding school radio – transmitter search worked, podcasts were on sale preset that can be adapted to your own needs on the Internet: on users define individual profiles.

Even a dream?

In the hearing room a big Boxing caliber ascended stereoplay equal: the power-hungry Magico M5, given to a really hard test. The Morpheus managed logically any party level, addressed the protection circuit at the end of the performance scale. But until then, he convinced with USB and network with a clean melodies, clear detail, a super location and sensitive tones. He sounded minimally more relaxed than about network via USB. The Sun tar is no Whipper, he put a fine resolution, quite high end performance and.

Better harmonized the epic Encore 50 with Sun tar. Their much higher efficiency suits came the class-D power amplifiers, playback was again audible energetic.

In the hearing through the analog inputs, it was to bear in mind that the CD input is equipped with a high-frequency filters and to the AUX inputs are good. About it, the Morpheus showed more strength in tone compared to the network connection and made subjectively more power.

With an external power amplifier or active speakers, the Morpheus settled significantly revalue. Compliments to the developers, shows that they have trimmed the precursor to high sound quality, to be prepared for an extension.