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The United States is one of those magical places that everyone dreams of one day visiting. There are so many different destinations to visit, that the place appeals even to those who want to escape the cliché. With little-known cities and famous postcards around the world, the destination allows for personalized and atypical itineraries.

With 30 thousand cities and thousands of tourist spots in the U.S., it is difficult to decide what to do in each corner. Therefore, we put together a super script with 50 places that you need to know in the 50 states of the United States. Check out now:

We provide state by state lists of newspapers in the United States, covering website URL, city and address. In total, there are 3,328 Newspapers in the U.S.. To find newspapers in your area, just click the links below.

List of U.S. Newspapers

Known as the greatest power in the world, the United States boasts the first position when it comes to Gross Domestic Product, which represents the sum of all goods produced in the country over a period. The country has a GDP of US $ 19.39 trillion , according to the International Monetary Fund, ahead of countries like China and Japan. The economy in 2018 grew 2.9% compared to the previous year.

The American economy is based on the agricultural, industrial and service sectors. In agriculture, the production of corn, soy and cotton stands out, with the use of high technologies. In the industrial sector, the production of machines, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and automobiles stands out. The services sector contributes to more than three quarters of GDP.

It is also important to highlight oil production in the country, as well as natural gas. In 2019 oil production broke a record, according to the United States Federal Energy Agency, reaching 470.6 million barrels.

Oil is one of the most exported products by the United States. According to the Economic Complexity Observatory, the United States is the third largest export economy among all countries. In 2017, US $ 1.25 trillion of products and service was exported. The main products exported to countries such as China, Mexico, Canada and Japan were:

  • refined oil
  • planes, cars and helicopters
  • packaged medicines

Regarding imports, the country imported US $ 2.16 trillion in 2017. The goods and services basically came from the same countries to which it exported. The main imports were:

  • petroleum crude;
  • transmission equipment;
  • digital disk drives;
  • vehicle parts.

The Wall Street Journal

Northwest of the United States

The Pacific Northwest of the United States with the states of Washington and Oregon is not only waiting for you with incredible natural wonders, but also offers plenty of outdoor activities and culinary highlights in abundance. Famous national parks, such as the Crater Lake National Park or the Olympic National Park, the picturesque beaches, dunes and rough cliffs of the Pacific coast as well as the metropolitan cities of Seattle and Portland have plenty of adventure, variety and cultural attractions for you!

Washington and Oregon - the two states of the Northwest offer everything: from unique natural landscapes to beautiful small towns to fishing villages and art colonies with a pleasant atmosphere.

From west to east, travelers can see completely different landscapes. The 644 km long coast of Oregon is certainly the most spectacular of them. Wild cliffs with lighthouses are replaced by sandy beaches in the south. The entire coastline can be followed on US Highway 101, the Pacific Coast Highway. 

The volcanic mountains of the cascades separate the coastal region from the deserts with a wild west atmosphere in the east of the countries in both countries. 
The mountains offer a unique mountain landscape with waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes - including Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the USA -, deep gorges and glacier-covered mountain peaks. Starting in the north you start the tour in the Olympic National Park. In addition to extensive rainforests, this park also offers visitors the longest uninterrupted natural coast of the United States with a length of 80 kilometers. The landscape ranges from sandy beaches to glacier-covered peaks. Seattle is located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, Birthplace of Jimi Hendrix and Starbucks, the largest city in the northwestern United States. On clear days you have a wonderful view of the Olympic Mountains in the west and the cascades in the east. If you follow the highway, you will drive along the spectacular Oregon coast of 644 kilometers. Wild cliffs with rugged rocks are replaced in the south by sandy beaches with picturesque bays. Inland, thousands of rivers and lakes characterize the landscape, which was often used as the backdrop for major Hollywood films. Due to the mountains of the cascades, the climate in this region is divided into two: in the west of the mountain range, the clouds coming from the Pacific rain down, in the east it is much drier. The best time to travel to explore the northwest of the United States is from May to October.

The Rocky Mountain States

Infinite land and the imposing rockies form the backdrop for some of the most beautiful national parks and national monuments in Idaho,  Montana, North Dakota , South Dakota and Wyoming. The famous Yellowstone National Park, the imposing Glacier National Park, the impressive Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial with the portraits of the four most important US presidents and the Craters of the Moon National Monument are located here.

In this region of the Rocky Mountain states you can also walk in the footsteps of the Wild West and visit historical sites that are otherwise only known from films. Here are Cheyenne, Deadwood, Fargo, Wallace and Virginia City to name a few.

Due to frequent westerly winds, the clouds coming from the Pacific accumulate on the Rocky Mountains and rain down - this sometimes results in above-average rainfall. As a result, the Great Plains beyond have a drought. The best time to explore this area by car or camper is May to October.

Outside of this time, many roads are often closed due to heavy snow. But skiers and snowboarders are happy about this: among other things, the Big Sky and Jackson Hole ski areas are located in the Rocky Mountain states.

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