In Favour: What Will Bring Good Google Purchase of Motorola

It will be one to the beach and gives you pull of “ coins ” to Google to buy Motorola Mobile. It has been the technology news of the summer, and almost that year, with the permission of the Microsoft-Nokia agreement. It is quite obvious that this acquisition will mark significantly the field of smartphones, but … do in what way? Is it positive or negative for the Android ecosystem? And for users?

For now we can only do speculation, of course, but it is not a bad exercise the analyze the possible consequences. Why have thought of compiling the ideas that we have about what positive and negative changes can bring that Motorola mobiles are now under the umbrella of Google. And as today I am optimistic, I will begin with the potential advantages.

Patents: you say that you’ve copied? Then go to you…

The most obvious advantages of purchase for Google is the overwhelmed patent portfolio having Motorola. In fact, there are many which placed it as the main (and even the only) reason. Some are left with that pose a good mechanism of Defense or counter-attack, Apple front. I guess that case Apple’s very recent vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1, so creeping and movidito…

But looking a bit backwards did not take long to with a great history of confrontations between Motorola and Microsoft, in which Motorola has given him more than one rebuke. Coincidentally, we discussed that Microsoft earns more money thanks to Android to Windows Phone Series, because compensation has to pay HTC patent issues.

With this purchase, therefore Google improves its position of legal defense of Android on all fronts, not just against Apple. The ecosystem is the first benefit, since it is expected to help reduce costs to all manufacturers of Android smartphones, what hope have impact on selling prices.

It will serve as a step to redirect Motorola lawyers toward the real fury “ enemy ”, avoiding confrontations with other manufacturers of Android, that was the plan of Motorola.

Google will have more direct information to optimize the OS in hardware

Now that you have direct line with the hardware manufacturers, Google can take advantage of one of the advantages that has Apple: optimize the adaptation of software to hardware and vice versa. You will be able to recommend research to improve aspects hardware specifically useful for its plans for Android.

This aspect seems especially interesting. So far, Google relied on the evolution of the manufacturers, which was not always agree with what the company thought that it was the best strategy for your operating system. That no longer has to be like that.

But Google knows the value of the ecosystem

I think Google has clear that you are not using Motorola to harm other Android manufacturers. Knows the value of the ecosystem, and his business is not to sell terminals, but that people navigate where is, where it is, and the more better. Largely knows that if Android has arrived where he is in such a short time is because boasts a large number of manufacturers releasing spectacular terminals. Damage that would be stupid.

For this reason, interfere as little as possible on Motorola, but I still think that from now on Motorola will set the standard. Pains me to say this, because I have rowed since the StarTac of my sister fell from a height of just 15 centimeters and became a “ destartalac ” (in three pieces).

Motorola Blur will be optional, and will encourage the remainder to be

Yes, now Google will not interfere in the day-to-day of Motorola … but really are not going to drop things like … “ Blur is very nice and such, but would not be bad thing that people could turn it off ”? Customizations of the manufacturers are the best way to offer a different product, but user has been a great ballast.

Much of the blame delays in Android updates is due to which manufacturers have to adapt your customizations to those new versions. Google has already commented that these customizations, dislike too so I think likely to encourage Motorola to not it oblige buyers to use Blur.

I hope that this serves to make equal the other manufacturers. If the customizations were an option and not an obligation, I think that Android would win a lot, and not only in agility of update.

If Android runs, is worth the other run

I’m a fan of the variety and freedom of choice. It is what I like about Android, so I think that fragmentation is one symptom rather than a problem. Up to the entrance of Android, just had interesting alternative in the Smartphone market, and everything which would oblige manufacturers think benefits users.

If Android is reinforced with this purchase, it seems locked, other manufacturers will be forced to submit better proposals. Hopefully iPhone users may choose one with physical or more compact keyboard to Apple expand their repertoire to compete against the variety of Androids.

I hope Blackberry users have terminals with even better capabilities for life outside of work. Hopefully Windows Phone users can acquire one that … well, it worth to have. Hopefully HP Palm find the way. And that Android has to improve to continue competing with them.

Motorola won’t have the exclusivity of the Nexus … or lack making

Google has already said that Motorola will be competing with the rest to qualify to make the next Nexus, and I hope that it is not chosen to manufacture it. Think about it … is more than likely that what manufacture Motorola from now are practically “ Nexus by Motorola ”, so we have will be a variety of Nexus. Again, more means more advantages for the user, more freedom of choice.

In addition, there are other fields that will be reinforced with the acquisition of Motorola. Google TV can have a second life, as Motorola good position in the market of the set-top-boxes can help you BREW in more homes. And talking about homes, have the capability to manufacture hardware gives you the leg that was missing to the still Ethereal Android@Home.

Do not start to … well, we are not so optimistic

But as I have said since the first hour, this view is quite optimistic. The purchase also has its dark spots, and what I valued as advantages well can be read as drawbacks. You just have to read the statements of other manufacturers, which seem to have been written with Larry Page pointing a gun to the spokespersons of HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG.

This change in strategy of Google, which can now manufacture hardware, is a revolution. And we all know what happens with revolutions: occasionally wheel some head.