Imation Link Power Bank: Breathes Life into Your iPhone [Test]

Review: Teases the battery and the lack of storage space on your iPhone, can perhaps save your day Imations Powerdrive.

There are two problems which we are regular bumps into, if you are a avid iPhone or iPad user: lack of power and lack of space.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there. Imations Link-drive is a power bank. and is one of the more intelligent ones, the hitting two birds with one stone by offering extra battery and 16 GB storage in a compact unit.

The actual Link is a small, almost square, size measuring 73 x 64 x 21 mm-or roughly the same as a good stack of credit cards.

It is almost only white plastic all around, except for the front which again is plastic, but with a metallic finish. It appears generally as solidly screwed together, but no luxury finish, it is not.

What is on the other hand, is very welcome, is that the cables can easily be packed out of the way. Here are two plug-in a USB for charging or data transfer for Mac or PC, as well as a lightning connector to feed your iOS device with power and data.

A small party-trick, however, has found its way into the otherwise not agonizing design: bottom can be shot backwards and it turns the device into a convenient corner steadies

Specifications Imation Link Powerdrive

Goals: 64 x 73 x 21 mm, 110 grams
Battery capacity: 3,000 mAh
Storage: 16/32/64 GB
Connection: USB 2.0, Lightning-port
Moreover: requires iOS device with Lightning-Jack (iPhone 5 or newer)
Price: approx. 600.0/800,-NOK (for 16 GB or 32 GB)


Classic battery charger

Imation Link can as I said two things: charging and expand the storage space.

Which charger is constructing the one exactly as expected, it has 3,000 mAh power to share out of which almost rows to a simple iPhone 6 Plus charging or for half the iPhone 6 ditto. 4 small LEDs indicate how much power is left and flashes when left or discharged.

Only one little wrinkle is that Lightning cable only 12 centimeters long, which may be too short in certain cases, but at the same time, you don’t have to mess with any cable salad, for the cord can easily be stored out of the way inside the Cabinet.

Extra storage for field

Where Power Driven will be extra interesting is when we turn against inventory functions.

Before your iPhone or iPad can communicate with the drive, you must first download the application as short and sweet is called Power Drive on the App Store.

When firing up the app you are met by 4 functions: Local storage for app where you can store files, a Pathfinder system where box files are stored and can be played, as well as two backup options: a to your contacts and another to your photos and movies.

The app can play the following formats: MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF.

Only for photos and movies

Power Driven therefore exclusively suitable for movies, photos and documents this one way and the other movies and photos.

It therefore restricts the applications, but in effect it is, of course, especially movies and photos that threaten the available storage space on your phone.

Therefore, I see continued Imation Powerdrive as an excellent companion on your holiday or other places where there may be a long way to the next Wifi connection.

As the primary solution comes battery-operated, in turn, often for short, the solution is not always clever enough to have with in everyday life.

It is experienced especially when files to be transferred, where slow read and write speeds of around 10 MB/sec means that there can often be transferred files almost as quickly over 4 g or Wi-Fi.


Animal pleasure

Are you sold on two-in-one solution you should count on having to pockets. The tested 16 GB variant has a daily rate of about 600 crowns, while you must fork out 800 dollars for the 32 GB Variant.

In comparison, costs an upgrade up to 64 GB or 128 GB 800 crowns at Apple even while a battery bank with the same capacity can be acquired for around 200 dollars.

But the device can therefore help you reorganize and move files from your iPhone and give you a shot power on the go, which can be invaluable. We therefore on lands 4 out of 6 stars.