IFixit Dismembers The Nexus 5 X, and Repairability Approved with Remarkable

iFixit has done his magic with the Nexus 5 X, dismantling it entirely and analyzing are all and each of the components and parts that give way. Your test (presented yesterday and set how instead of back to the future), we know that the smaller the new Google phone is repaired quite easily.

So much so that the obtained note is nothing less than a seven out of ten. This is thanks to its highly modular and replaceable components, Since the fingerprint sensor to camera modules, or its standard type Philips screws, which make the task more accessible.

On the negative side we have one of the habitual cons on mobile phones, and it is crystal and LCD panel come together, so that if we break one of the two, the solution will be to replace the set. This increases the costs, although it usually reduces the thickness of these components, and improves feelings with them. You know, it seems that the screen is more and more about our fingers.

In neither cold nor heat is replacement of battery, It is not replaceable unless we open the device. However, it is easily replaceable once already opened the phone.

Also enter here the replacement of the C USB connector, which is welded to the base plate. The USB connector is one of the most fragile elements on a smartphone, should take into account that the C type is much more durable that previous versions.