Huawei – New Flagship with “Wow” Effect

Huawei has turned 2014 with the Mate 7 to a real alternative, if you do not necessarily want to feed the two great sharks in the pool. The Huawei P8 and Mate S then showed this year that the Chinese company has grown to this top level and can even keep it. Not bad, considering how long the smartphone manufacturer is only on our market. On the success so far, Huawei does not want to rest, but still one thing, to constantly to the top to play along. This is why the next flagship will be presented in the spring of 2016 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and according to own statements of the company the “Wow” factor bring along.

With 5.5 inches, the Huawei Mate S is one of the real flagships of the year 2015 and contains technical elements that can even make a big competition even for the big players Samsung and Apple. The slightly domed Unibody housing even includes a fingerprint sensor, which makes the authentication of its owner much safer. The Chinese have shown what they really can do. But not enough. Of course, Huawei wants to be on top in the long run. Overall, the manufacturer in Westeuropa 2015 will probably deliver about 110 million smartphones. In September alone, Huawei managed to bring more smartphones to Germany than Sony in Germany. In view of the rather short history on the German market, this is a very considerable result.

Premium Brand Huawei, Budgetmarke Honor

Huawei wants to stand in the future especially for premium smartphones and its distance to Samsung and Apple thus noticeably shorten. By comparison, Huawei, with a market share of 8.4 percent, ranks third and thus directly behind Apple (13.7 percent) and the top-ranked Samsung (24.6 percent). At least the distance on Apple would be a little shortened. For the lower-priced middle-class and entry-level smartphones in the future, only the subsidiary Honor would be responsible. In this way, the company could fully concentrate on getting more performance and new innovations from its devices.

Better Than The Mate S

In spring 2016 the next flagship from Huawei will be presented at the MWC. It is to be much better than the Mate S, which already convinces through its impressive inner life. However, the smartphone also has a small weakness: it lacks the special, the key feature. Richard Ren is President of Huawei’s equipment department in Western Europe and recently announced that the next flagship will be a smartphone with a “wow” factor. It is probably assumed that the new smartphone will be the Mate 8.

Such a full-bodied announcement also provokes certain expectations. What features could Huawei bring out, for example, Samsung and Apple still do not even have in mind? To answer this question clearly, we will have to wait until spring. However, according to the current state of the art, we consider different scenarios to be realistic. Thus, the flagship with new biometric security features could come around the corner or equip its camera with an optical zoom. A faster processor and more memory are not enough for a Wow effect.


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