HTC Tattoo, Android and The Interface Sense at Reduced Price

Updated with video, and report that the screen is based on resistive technology.

The creation of a level of input to terminals with Android operating system, or at least one level below the current phones on the market, is something that has to happen sooner or later, and its first exponent would be the HTC Click, which now know it under the name of HTC Tattoo.

The Taiwanese manufacturer wants to always be at the forefront of any present in Android, and with this move HTC Tattoo It presents us with a terminal with customization options, and presumably more affordable than the rest of their brethren, for the time being spoken to cost, free, around 350 euros.

When I speak of customization possibilities, I am referring to its outward appearance, since it has with changeable shells, and even HTC will launch a portal where people can teach your designs, for anyone who intends to demonstrate their artistic abilities.

In regards to the software, we have a pleasant news in the choice of the interface, which on this occasion is HTC Sense, the same used by his brother more HTC Hero, and I remind you briefly that it has integration to social networks like Twitter or Facebook, and a series of new widgets.

As a result of this information jump doubts about the hardware used in the HTC Tattoo, According to HTC Android phones are increasingly better optimized and this time the appliance is not bad, since it makes use of the chipset Qualcomm MSM7225 528 MHz, and of 256MB RAM, most of what we find in a Samsung Galaxy or a HTC Magic European.

Come up with more information, the amount of ROM memory is of 512MB, and the battery of 1100 mAh, that is, according to official data 6 hours of Talktime and 14 days standby when we are making use of 3 G networks.

Other important specifications are your touch screen 2.8 inch QVGA (320 × 240 pixels), the already standard Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth, as well as support for HSDPA and EDGE networks. Such as its Android brethren, it has a GPS receiver, accelerometer and digital compass.

Not I forget to tell you that it has a camera of 3.2 megapixels, features of Connector jack of 3.5 mm headphone, and the way to expand the storage memory is from microSD card.

I think that this phone has all the ballots to be a success in the market, has a super specifications, an operating system to the height, and something as important as a compact size, 106 × 55.2 × 14 mm (somewhat smaller than a HTC Magic), with only 113 grams of weight.

Come to Europe next month of October, and in the subsequent months will be appearing elsewhere in selected markets, is expected to have a price close to 350 euros, and I am sure that each European country will be associated with any strong operators. Apparently in Spain it is possible to be available in the three main operators, Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

Remember that a few days ago was presented another terminal Android, T-Mobile Pulse, a lower specification phone, but lower price, in fact it was developed to be sold in the call of the operator option T-Mobile in England.

If you want to see the video terminal, and check the subject of carcasses, then I leave one, which despite being in German, is not problem to understand what we are talking about:

Finally I leave you with the official gallery of the HTC Tattoo:

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