HTC Supersonic with Connectivity for WiMax, Is Seen for The First Time

Before you say anything I ask forgiveness for the quality of the images, but it seemed interesting to share them since they are the first signs of the existence of the HTC Supersonic, and although at first sight has a look similar to the HTC HD2, we have a new terminal Android.

Is the first time that can be seen in a real way, but enough time it takes talking about over it, and is expected that is the first terminal with WiMax connectivity for the 4G network that is implementing the American operator Sprint. A detail that can close the door of many markets, but that makes it really interesting for daring with the latest connectivity technologies.

The source informs us that the phone will make use of every day extended chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon at 1 GHz, which run a considerable screen 4.3 inch.

Back to the images, and as they are running on the source of the news, can guess that the model is pretty slim, and in the rear It has a support for left foot phone (landscape) if so needed, an idea that we have already seen in some phones (Nokia N86 8MP).

Another detail that we can see is the presence of four buttons at the bottom of the screen, which seem to be tactile, a detail that will not please some. A point in its favour is that it has with FM radio.

In regards to your operating system, expected the version 2.1 of Android (who knows if Froyo) accompanied by the interface HTC Sense, What determines that you it’s a 100% development HTC. We expect more information in a few days, you know how the leak of this type of device.