HTC Strikes Back, Apple Also Has Infringed Patents According to The ITC

That the dispute between HTC and Apple the infringement of patents going for long is something that is not surprising to many of those who are following this particular story. Let’s do a brief review: Apple sued HTC for infringing a patent, then HTC recommended to Apple to stop the fight in the offices, and launched innovative products and finally we saw as the ITC gave reason to the Cupertino company recognizing the infringement of patents.

When it seemed that things had been difficult for the Taiwanese company HTC has filed a lawsuit for infringement of patents to a Apple and the ITC, the agency responsible for arbitrating on these issues in the United States has recognized that, effectively, Apple has broken a number of patents.

This question goes back to a series of patents belonging to the S3 Graphics company which was bought for $ 300 million for HTC this month of July. Coincidences? Can that not, possibly HTC was abreast of the company’s patent and has taken advantage of the acquisition of the company to have power in this legal fight.

This movement balances the scales a bit between Apple and HTC, but surely not be the last episode of this legal battle. Now is see what decision will estimate the ITC and finally it will ban the import of devices manufactured by HTC or while the two companies will eventually come to an agreement to avoid problems in the future.