HTC ROM Espresso Is Seen in a HTC Hero

He had not paid much interest to news of HTC Espresso and its interface, posted online days ago, not saturate Android content page, complicated question taking into account the boiling in that system, is located in today appeared on a video with the interface running on a HTC Hero, I think it’s fair to share it.

We start from the original news, HTC seems interested in modifying the appearance of its interface Sense, a little reshaping the aspect in question of icons and the bottom bar, part of the video in question to have a gallery of images, and do not know if they are late or have much to change.

As it is usual, HTC released this interface with a new terminal, name HTC Espresso, which everyone is talking about as the substitute of the HTC Dream, a kind of Hero with QWERTY keyboard. It follows that the screen will have a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels by the images obtained.

As we can see the first thing that draws attention is a bottom bar with a new design, a central button to display the menu, and a button to the right that has broader paints that you lead to social networking capabilities, also we can see the design of the icons change. I leave you with the Gallery:

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