HTC Ready to Unveil a Tablet To The Event Tomorrow?

Tuesday, February 19 is proving to be an increasingly attractive each passing hour: already the combination of a HTC event with one of Canonical was rather unusual, but the picture above makes it even more suspect. But let’s go with order.

Tomorrow we await the presentation of HTC One and a tablet version of Ubuntu, so there seems to be no margin for doubt. Few hours ago though HTC has posted on Twitter yet another image-teaser for the event tomorrow, which we present anew above. If you look good,the device looks like a tablet in the bottom left (unless two smartphones, which could very well be): HTC desire then let us understand that there are unexpected news arriving at the event tomorrow? And could this have some connection with Canonical, presenting at the same time something related to the tablet world?

The coincidence is at least curious, but maybe we’re just making trouble on the tricky fold a bath towel. At this point we doubt to know the truth before tomorrow afternoon, and if you are intrigued as we do, we invite you to come and visit us to find out.