HTC Reaches One Million of Sold Magics

Since April of this year, and the young woman is among us HTC Magic has already exceeded one million units sold in the market, a figure that confirms the positive reception by the public and the specialised press since Vodafone decided to put it on the market.

The last Wednesday, the CEO of HTC, Peter Chou, made some statements to the Chinese middle DigiTimes, which ensured that they had passed one million units sold, as the Taiwanese company had bet that it would.

Certainly are impressive numbers, but below the achieved by other terminals as the iPhone or the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, even the BlackBerry Storm He also spent long ago million units sold.

In addition, Chou said that during the second half of 2009, HTC will focus on the production of mid-range smartphones, Getting 50 to 60% of the company’s profit.

Production will be based on terminals with a price of come close to $300. More something than the competitor’s Samsung, that has the purpose to sell terminals for less than $100.

Because we know that the new terminals will be based on Windows Mobile and Android in a similar proportion, and in the case of the latter already know phones with this profile, such as the HTC Click.

The smartphones market has strong growth, with a rise of 27% from the same quarter last year, so regardless of the world economy, consumers opt for phones with more possibilities. Sales of mobile phones in general decreased by 6.1% compared with the same period of 2008.

However not all platforms experienced the same growth as Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, in recent times Windows Mobile or Symbian are experiencing a drop in their market share. HTC is covered the backs for an operating system on each side.

Returning to the sales figures, comment that they are not included those obtained by version MyTouch 3G available in the United States, available from the hand of the operator T-Mobile and we run with essentially the same phone, which despite having recently appeared on the market is having a reception very positive.

From here my congratulations as a user to HTC, by having ventured to exploit the universe Android in the first instance, and ultimately have developed a product to rise to the occasion.

Update:Sales of HTC Magic figures are no doubt impressive, but to establish a real comparison with the iPhone 3Gs, We will say that it is relatively lower than those obtained by the terminal of Apple, who managed to sell a million copies in a weekend.

On the other hand, as we can read in the Middle French Mobinaute, the market research company Gartner, It has been estimated that the Nokia N97 It has reached the figure of 500,000 units during the month of June, some very important figures taking into account the price of the terminal.