How do We Connect IP Cameras on a Single Coaxial Cable?

Always thinking of our customers looking for ways to make projects ed security cameras at the best price possible without leaving aside the quality of each element of our facility. That’s why you have looked for ways to leverage the existing coaxial wiring to transmit up to 4 IP cameras on a single coaxial cable.

To do this we use an EoC Transceiver for Ethernet over coaxial cable with PoE, PoE + or High Power PoE of NVT brand. Which has the following characteristics:

  • Ethernet transmits simultaneous transmission and reception (full duplex) 10/100 base T to a distance of 2,500m on cable RG-59
  • 56Vdc power is supplied over the coaxial cable to all connected computers. Energizes type PoE cameras, PoE or PoE + High Power (or other PoE devices) to 50 watts.
  • EoC transceiver at the end of the network can support multiple remote transceivers * / IP cameras using the adapter / splitter NV-EC4BNC
  • Up to four transceivers can be rack mounted in a rack mount kit with tray NV-RMEC16, which connects up to 16 cameras
  • Simple configuration, no PC required
  • Unhindered Compatible with all protocols network connection (UDP, TCP / IP, HTTP, IGMP Multicast etc.)
  • Advanced technology transmission AES 128-bit encryption and energy
  • Integrated transient protection;range of temperatures handled within the industry
  • Kits available systems 1 to 4 cameras
  • limited lifetime warranty.

These transceivers are extremely simple to use, require no configuration for IP or MAC address. The light emitting (LED) status LEDs indicate connectivity or link activity for RJ45 and BNC ports.