Herbsttrend: The Duffle Coat For Men

Especially in France and England, the 3/4 coat enjoyed great popularity in the past. But in the autumn/winter 2011 is the duffle coat bang on trend with us.

The heavy woolen fabric and the arrangement of at least three simple closures from a cord and a toggle (made of wood, horn or plastic) are descriptive of the simplicity of the duffle coat. In addition, it is the only classic coat model that has a hood, according to threergroup.

Its classic, clear form and the monochrome give the Dufflecoat a considerable portion of elegance. In its original form, it is rather low in body weight and is very straight. But he is not a philistine.The toggle closures make it very casual and especially when the monochrome through patterned accessories break up.

In the autumn and winter season 2011 the Dufflecoat will appear in great colors and fashionable cuts. Especially the combination with cross-stripe / Breton stripe sweater or lumberjack shirt is absolutely in the trend of men’s fashion.

But the Dufflecoat is very good-natured and can be combined with almost everything well. A “Norwegian sweater” or a roll-neck collar sweater can also be used for a bit of an up-to-the-minute look, but for the relaxed type man it can also be a simple jeans shirt.

In terms of “appropriate footwear” I would definitely recommendboots or a “hiking shoe”. These not only give the overall picture a casual touch, but also provide a balance to the upper body.

Especially ASOS already has a wide range of different dufflecoats, but also the other online shops are slowly drawing on the trend.Here is my top 3 of dufflecoats, which I find particularly beautiful:

#1 short duffle coat from Melton wool in blue by GLOVERALL
This duffle coat is characterized not only in a classic style (3/4 length), but in a shortened form. The rich blue is also quite unusual, but makes it very special.

#2 short Dufflecoat from Wooled Wool in beige by GLOVERALL
This model is more of a Dufflecoat in the classical sense. Elegant cut, covered tones, halblang and with four toggle closures. This makes him a bit boring, but can be much more flexible combining.

#3 Dufflecoat in dark blue from SUIT
The SUIT brand is also one of the new discoveries of the year. Great cuts, high quality and always close to current trends. This duffle coat unites the typical elements with lovingly designed details such as the checked inner lining, or the leather appliques at the closures.

The Dufflecoat is basically indispensable this year, and at the latest next season it will be everywhere. If you absolutely want to be in the trend (or must), should therefore access as soon as possible. I myself just save the necessary small money, in order to be able to afford me quickly for the winter.