Hello Iphone 3g, Thank You Iphone Dev Team

Software 3.0-Jailbreak & Unlock
What are they for people? Who spend weeks weeks working on a provider lured iPhone to unlock all networks? In the net, they appear under pseudonyms such as planetbeing ,MuscleNerd or pumpkin. In formation, the troop is called the iPhone Dev team. And they have done it again: Both iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G can be easily jailbreaken by software and then unlock. What is needed? A computer, its iPhone and a few minutes…
software snow… Already around the turn of the year, the guys from the iPhone Dev Team have presented their yellowsn0w application, which was able to jailbreak and unlock the software version 2.2 on the iPhone 3G. Now the three-zero age has begun and just a few days after the release of the official 3.0 version of the iPhone software, both the original iPhone 2G and the iPhone 3G can be unlocked.

The Dev team even has tools for the new iPhone 3GS in the pipeline.

How are you?
The procedure is, in principle, very simple. First of all, you need the new iPhone firmware, suitable for your iPhone, in the form of the IPSW file. These are about 230 megabytes in size in the 3.0 version and are found on a Mac in the following folder when they are downloaded via iTunes: User / Library / iTunes / iPhone software updates. While the old iPhone internally carries the version identifier 1.1, the 3G software comes with the version number 1.2 therefore.As a result, the two firmware files are as follows:

IPhone 3G: iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

IPhone 2G: iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

If you do not find the files on your computer, you can simply search for a search engine and download it from an external source. You also need bootloader files for the old iPhone with the names bl39.bin and bl46.bin. These can also be found very quickly through a search engine.

Now the tools of the iPhone Dev team come into play. First you need the current version of red sn0w, which is to get here .

These are available on the one hand for Windows and on the other for Mac OS X. Before jailbreaking and unlocking, the iPhone should be updated to version 3.0 via iTunes.

If this is done, you can also start redsn0w and let the little tool take your hand. First the program prompts to select the ISPW file of its current firmware – in this case 3.0 – on the hard drive. If you want to jail an iPhone 2G, redsn0w also asks for the bootloader files.

In the further course you will also be asked if you want to install Cydia and ICY. These two tools are alternative installers that allow jailbreaks to download software that is not certified by Apple. Here again is a special case for the 2G: If you have a curled iPhone 2G, you can still set a checkmark at “Unlock”.

In the last step you have to put your iPhone still in the maintenance mode, also called DFU mode, so that redsn0w can perform its “operation”.

How this works, redsn0w describes on the one hand in text form, on the other hand there are on Youtube for example some videos, which explain the procedure.

On the whole, the whole thing runs like this:

10 seconds, press both buttons on the iPhone at the same time.

Release the power button after 10 seconds.

Press the Home button for 10 seconds.

If this hurdle is taken too, redsn0w does its work. Et voila: The iPhone 2G is now “gejailbreaked” and “geunlocked”, the 3G so far only “gejailbreaked”.

Ultrasn0w !
The small tool, which probably a lot of iPhone 3G owners have waited, is also the Ultrasnow created by the iPhone Dev team. This does not run on the Mac or Windows computer, but directly on the iPhone. Of course you do not get the 7.5 kilobyte tool in the app store, but only through the alternative installer Cydia. There you have to add a repository-a source. This is: repo666.ultrasn0w.com

Now you are searching for the ultrasn0w in Cydia and installed the program. After that briefly restart the iPhone 3G, already the device is unlocked.

Problems with the 3G Unlock
Unfortunately, the unsecure iPhone 3G is not perfect: On the one hand, there are still problems with push notifications and the PIN input: So you have to enter your PIN into an ultrasn0w unsecure iPhone 3G two times. According to the Dev team, ultrasn0w is still working.