H & M: an Helpful Lookbook with The Best Outfits of This Season

Than the own boss of the designers at H & M, Ann-Sofie Johansson, you have made their particular selection of the most representative of the signature looks, can come from pearls to make a summary of what we have done so far. As she herself has defined, it is not a lookbook in which the more affordable outfits shown. The idea was to offer something to reflect the season trends attached to the spirit of the House H & M. And the result is not of course to nothing desfavorecedor.

If you have followed us during the month of January and February, I don’t think it will be very difficult to guess what will be the trends that you will find within the lookbook, because we’ve been scratching them over and over again. But for those who walk a little lost still, as may be useful to take a look to the Ann-Sofie Johansson Lookbook for H & M.

The navy look: It is no doubt the star of the party. It is easy to manufacture at a very affordable price. The keys are the stripes, especially in dark blue color, on neutral backgrounds and creams. The rest is achieved with a few good accessories such as the borsalinos and moccasins and doing our part some personal details. In this case the total set has opted for a blazer in shades of peach to contrast a bit.

The preppy: either in its neo-preppy nerd, they are also very summer looks. The essential and more if we are in summer, are Bermuda. In light or dark colors (will have to combine it with the counter key top) are quite fresh and dress much. Polos, shirts and cardigans will be our allies to do so. Glasses of pasta and the nautical will serve to define it.

The Saharan: a look that is not reflected in the lookbook explicitly but that in view of the garments would not be all difficult to get it. Bermuda in shades of Khaki, dessert boots in shades of creams and earthy, white shirts or ivory and a good jacket or even Saharan, any other are in the collection. To finalize it Sandals of leather strips or some Roman failing and I believe that few things have as summer as our outfit.

Relaxed: the cold has not completed go on most of the peninsula, that is true. But we cannot say that it does the same thing a few months ago, so the outfits must be updated and this time they have opted for more relaxed ways. We are still warm but we try that cuts and shapes are wider: trends oversized coats, linen shirts billowing so they conform to the body and trousers of much wider shot.

Total-Looks: they appear shyly but little by little they are doing. Without doubt, own of the summer are the total-white but is perhaps too soon to do this, so we are entering material with some like this in that at the moment the shirt and shoes are aportano notes of color even though they do so in the form of cakes, and the belt in dark to separate synthetic leather bottom top and get an element of contrast.

Prints: They are not a strong season bets but be, without a doubt pictures (generally geometric prints) are the favorite sons. Does not become a lumberjack style but we have lots of variety where choose: micro table, asymmetric pictures and even patchwork in some garments.

Sport: A style that has never gone and that’s always good for the days of spring and battle. Parkas, raincoats, aviator style jackets with baggy jeans, hooded sweatshirts and can give our special touch thanks to the complements, footwear and details how to combine shirts with hoodies and polo shirts. Details that make the difference between a catalog outfit and our own.