Google’s Self Propelled Cars Is Run Wrong 11 Times

Google’s self propelled cars have only been involved in 11 car crashes over the course of 6 years-and none of them are cars sake.

It goes terrific for Google’s project to realize completely self propelled cars in traffic. In a blog post telling Chris Urmson, head of Google’s project for the self-propelled cars about how the team goes.

Here he goes in depth with how Google handles the many aspects of security, which is in the running with a self propelled car in traffic among other drivers.

Among other things, he comes in on that Google’s 20 self propelled cars in it so far, 6-year-long project has only been involved in 11 minor accidents, there have been no injuries from it.

What is more impressive is that none of the cars have been at the root of some of these, and it is on a total distance of 2.7 mio. km with automatic driving and drivers behind the wheel for safety’s sake.

The car crashes, as Google-cars have been involved in, has been due to human error by other drivers who either have run up in the rear of the Google’s self propelled cars at traffic lights or by highways. A few times the Google team is hit from the side of a car that comes rolling through a stop sign.

It looks so good for Google’s ambitious project of letting technology stand for the ride in future, as it has the potential to reduce the amount of accidents on the roads.

In a previous video demonstrating the team behind the car, how many sensors records all the surroundings around the car and what challenges that lie therein.