Google Takes a Step to The Front with The Subject of Patents to Defend Developers

Lately we are seeing many movements related to the subject of the patent in the Android world. Beyond litigation of competition with hardware manufacturers Google announced a few days ago I was going to defend Android of patent claims and has already taken the first step to defend the interests of developers.

The Mountain View giant has called on the United States Patent Office reviewing two patents owned by the company Lodsys. According to Google it had never had to sue based on these two patents that Lodsys is using to sue once application developers.

The patents in question are the 7.222.078 and the 7.620.565. Both are associated with the system of payments within the application itself It allows users to perform transactions to buy upgrades, unlock services, etc. A system that, since Google gave the green light, used increasingly developers.

The history of Lodsys with these two patents and the developers of apps is quite recent. In May the company began to send letters asking for developers to stop developing applications before adhere to the legal consequences for violating patents. The time has passed and Lodsys has sued eleven companies, from small studios to large companies such as Atari, Electronic Arts and Square-Enix.

Okay, Google requests a review of patents and then What happen will? Very simple. Mountain View boys are licensed to use these patents in question and seeking with the revision to the Patent Office, in addition to saving a few million on lawyers, it is extend license so Android developers can integrate this service and not having to pay or face Lodsys in court.

Kent Walker, Vice President and general counsel of Google words, to Wired make it very clear: “the developers play a critical role in the ecosystem of Android and Google will continue to support them”. We will see what happens with the revision of the patent but this movement is clear that Google highly values the work of developers, regardless of the size of the study.