Google Street View Documenting Tsunami Damage in Japan

It’s been a long time since the tsunami that struck Japan is no longer featured on news sites. But despite the Nipponese efficiency in rebuilding roads in record time the most disaster damage remains a living part in the daily lives of most of the inhabitants of the country.

Using technology services Street View, the Google undertook to document the damage caused by the disaster. Map service cars traveled 44,000 kilometers across the island recording 360 degree images of the damage caused by the shape of the water, showing the efforts of communities to try to recompose.

A website called Build the memory (or “Building Memento”) was made ​​especially for the initiative. In it, you can see images of places before and after the disaster, as well as the dates when the images were recorded. “Street View illustrates how deeply the tsunami changed the lives of many communities. If you start a tour of the interior and is up the coast, you will see dramatic changes in the landscape and will be bewildered with rubble and debris mountains.

In cities, buildings that stood proud are now empty spaces, “said Google in its official blog. According to the web giant initiative will help “historians, architects, city planners and curious.”