Google Street View Car Uses Notebook with Ubuntu

You sure know a lot about Google Street View you stroll along the big cities capturing images of streets and throwing people, but what you do not know is that with all the technological paraphernalia in the car there is a notebook that runs … Ubuntu!

That’s right: In an interview with Folha de Sao Paulo, one of Google’s trolley drivers (who did not have the name withheld) told details about the operation and day – to – day direction for the city, and enter the details of a name called attention:

In the trunk, i had a computer that was running ubuntu[operating system based on linux]. Several cables made ​​cpu connection to the monitor, which is in place of the passenger seat. The photos were shot according to the car’s movement, about a picture per meter.

In other words, out of nowhere, we found that yes, Google uses Linux in cars wandering around the city, and beyond all is still the Ubuntu! We contacted Google to try to get more information, such as the version of the distro or if he had any special customization, but unfortunately only received confirmation that all the cars have a notebook with Ubuntu installed.