Google Nexus One, in Spain with Vodafone in Spring

Much expectation had at the appointment, in her confirmation of the majority of the data that we have been publishing the last few weeks have given us, but little relevant information for our market, in this I can summarize a Conference that I was boring, but does not lose interest by Nexus One, phone Android needed.

The most remarkable thing is that Vodafone It has been done with the services of the terminal for Europe, as we have seen during the event, and the operator confirms it in this release. The planned date of departure, is not logically January 5, and we’ll go to an undefined day of the spring season.

Google has started the event with the typical presentations of situation, in this case the studied has been Android in its first year on the market, to not get bored I summarize the most interesting data:

  • 20 devices on the market during the first year of life.
  • the system is supported by 59 carriers in 48 countries, with 19 different languages.
  • the Open Handset Alliance has 52 members and 13 are waiting to join the list.

Details of the hardware that we didn’t

To enter the phone no one better than Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, which although not present the phone with an outpouring of enthusiasm and joy, feels that he is proud of his work side by side with the company of the search engine, in a level of rapport, even bigger than the employee with Motorola and your Droid/Milestone terminal.

Again a Google character appears on the scene, Eirck Tseng, and has been commissioned to teach us in detail the Nexus One, give us a review by its technical specifications that match that they have informed on our latest news, and you can see in detail on this page by Google-enabled.

In addition to the confirmation of the specifications, you will find details that we didn’t:

  • The presence of the logo of HTC In the rear.
  • Record video at 720 × 480 pixels and 20 images per segunod, or higher, depending on lighting conditions.
  • Confirmation of the presence of proximity and light sensors.
  • Thanks to a second microphone noise cancellation.
  • Can be customised with an engraving on back silver.
  • Presence of a connector jack of 3.5 mm.
  • Trackball lights in three different colors in notification tasks.
  • Dimensions, 119 × 59.8 × 11.5 mm, and weight, 130 grams (with battery).

Both presenters of the appliance they coincided in praising the thinness of its forms, question that few can deny and that gives a very elegant appearance, as well as a fairly compact terminal makes it.

Innovations in software

The next step of the presentation seems logical, turn on your phone and make a review by the news of Android 2.1, Perhaps because that had already seen most of them was not anything spectacular, nor the presenters have made an effort to sell its benefits, yet to my improvements, still convincing me phone talk if only:

  • The interface wins a three-dimensional and dynamic look thanks to the design of the application menu, animated and interactive and funds to the design of the own elements that compose it.
  • We now have 5 desktops quickly accessible.
  • They have also shown us weather and news widgets.
  • The mysterious 3D gallery that sync with picasa and sort images by location and date.

Has been quite interesting the presentation of Google Earth for Android, making use of the power in the new terminal graphic process, and at the same time making us a demo of the search via voice, with Search by voice both Google Earth and the GPS Navigator. In this new version we can use our voice in every text field that we find in the system.

The purchase of the terminal

As we assumed, and confirmed in the last dawn filtered activation page, Google wants to give the possibility to users to buy the phone free or associated with an operator, and both options from your own website, Also inform us that this page will serve as a distribution channel for other Android handsets.

Consequent Google account will be necessary and there will be a limitation of 5 terminals for each, also can only be purchased from countries in which it is available. Initially United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We inform you that the terminal is available in the United States at a price of $529 free, or 179 dollars if purchased with a two-year contract.

Questions and answers

Question to Andy Rubin, Mario Queiroz, Peter Chou, and Sanjay Jha, has had interesting details:

  • Google is working on a solution that enables developers to install applications on the SD card.
  • Did les not do very much to ask them about the Nexus One multi-touch capabilities.
  • Google makes reference to the Nexus One as a Superphone, not a Smartphone.
  • Motorola will upgrade Droid to Android 2.1 (no Dexter).
  • Andy Rubin dropped the possibility of Google to subsidize the terminal in the future, they are not the manufacturer of the phone or intend to be, but it is necessary that sold many.

In the page of Google for the Nexus One You can make use of a simple demonstration of the system, the link, or you see an interactive 3D representation. I leave you with the official videos of the presentation: