Google Nexus, Enabled for a While The Phone Activation Page

No one will surprise tomorrow Google We announce the Nexus One, rather the surprise would be otherwise, today everyone interested expectant news and possible changes, and thus is an attentive user Xatakamovil, @FdezRomero, has made us get the active direction of the page of the Nexus One.

In the first place through the address, We have seen a typical page of access of the services Google, in which you enter your key and user password, and secondly own page (disabled) terminal, from which you could activate phone, while we could see some videos about the Android operating system, one where he showed us one Gallery of 3D images in the form of application of the terminal, which had not seen before in any site.

She thought that it was going to disappear as soon, at first the videos seemed active, then they were disabled, and then was the page that disappeared. In this course I was only able to take a screenshot of the main page, I leave a link to it.

Some users such as luisso or dieguitopow were able to enter into the conditions of the sale of the Nexus in the United States and register in the payment service that uses Google for the sale of phones: Google Checkout, a link to another capture.

Tomorrow let us games and 18:30 hours Spanish begin to know what Google really has to offer us.

That you have been able to enter, as the aforementioned users, I hope that you will share with us details of what you have seen, thanks.