Google Maps Testing Small Cosmetic Changes and Listing Your Collaborations

The application of maps for excellence are selectively activating two minor changes. The first of these is the indicator of which direction the mobile is aimed on the map. This indicator has been years with us, being represented with an arrow which is attached to the blue circle that represents the location. Now the arrow would give way to a kind of focus more like the beam of a flashlight. Easier to understand? That depends on the judgment of each one.

The following change is less relevant and is somewhat hidden. Those who collaborate in Google Maps by sending updated information – places or adding new ones – can now check the status of their suggestions from one new tab called editions in his profile of collaborations.

This history of editions is “only for your eyes”, i.e., you are the only person who can see the editions that you have suggested. Beside each issue is displayed if it has been Accepted, rejected or still pending. It is not a revolutionary novelty, but the local “guides” will appreciate having some more information about what happened to the suggestions that have been sent.