Google Maps Tells You What Output Meter You Must Take

The metro is one of my favorite ways of moving around the city, but I acknowledge that more than once just average lost or taking the exit that is not. And at some stations, there may be a big difference between one or another output.

As I am very cautious, I usually check the information on outputs of each stop on the official website of the meter or with the help of the official applications, but that’s not already going to be necessary because a again, everything you need is integrated with Google Maps.

Google Maps continues to improve with more useful information to enrich the experience, now also including what output you should take on the metro to get to your destination more quickly. For now this information is available only in four cities that included two Spanish: Madrid, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Paris.

Information, which takes automatically from the competent authorities (for Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid, and Barcelona, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) is integrated in both routes in the Mobile as in the web application.

All you have to do is choose a source and destination and, where the journey by metro and station have more than one output, It tells you what is the nearest exit. Obviously, if the station has a single output not shown you nothing.

Mapsvaria according to the device

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