Google Maps Now Displays Internal Maps Airports, Stadiums and Shopping Malls in Brazil

The Google Indoor Maps, feature Google Maps that displays floor plans of thousands of sites worldwide, now operates in Brazil. The Google today announced the availability of internal maps of more than 100 airports, stadiums and shopping centers in more than 50 Brazilian cities – no more reason to be late for the movie because it did not find the rooms of film or getting around in circles in the stadium because not see your chair.

The launch comes at a very appropriate time, just over a month before the World Cup, which starts on 12 June. The Maracana (Rio de Janeiro) stadiums, Mané Garrincha (Brasilia), Mineirao (Belo Horizonte), Fonte Nova (Salvador) and seven others already have internal maps in Google Maps. Two stages of the World Cup are not already there: the Beira-Rio (Porto Alegre) and the Arena Corinthians (São Paulo).

Airports, which will be full of tourists during the World Cup, also have floor plans on Google Indoor Maps: are 15, including Guarulhos and Congonhas (Sao Paulo), Santos Dumont (Rio de Janeiro), Afonso Pena (Curitiba), Salted Filho (Porto Alegre), Juscelino Kubitschek (Brasilia) and Eduardo Gomes (Manaus). It also has the Theatro Municipal and over 100 shopping centers – the full list is on this page.

Use Google Indoor Maps practically self-explanatory: just look for the establishment and zoom to reveal internal details. In the case of the stadiums, you can easily see where the sectors are, cabins, drinking and feeding areas. Have internal maps of malls show the escalators, shops and toilets. In the lower right corner of the screen, gives to navigate between the various floors.

The novelty is now available for all users, both on the web and in the applications for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS, and no need to update anything. Anyone who wants to contribute, you can send floorplans of public establishments for Google Maps follow these instructions.