Google Maps Debuts ‘Wireless Only’ Mode

Google Maps has an offline mode that allows you to download map areas directly to the device to avoid consumption of more mobile data and now it has welcomed a new focused option to further limit the consumption of mobile data: the WiFi-only mode.

When activated this option, if you don’t have WiFi connection navigation shall be limited to those areas that we have downloaded previously in our smartphone, but if you connect to a network WiFi Google Maps will return to recover their full functionality. We tell you how to enable the WiFi-only mode.

How it works the new WiFi-only mode

Offline Google Maps maps are welcomed to the new mode only WiFi, a tool that will allow you to navigate through the zones that you have downloaded on your device even if you don’t have a connection. It may be useful both to save mobile data as to situations in which the connection is very weak or erratic.

To reactivate simply access settings and the checkbox only Wi-Fi, this form Google Maps will only work in areas without connection unless you connect us to a wireless network. However, Google warns us that there may still be mobile data consumption, but the amount is significantly less with this new feature.

If still you have not downloaded any area without connection, the application invite you to do so to activate the WiFi-only mode. Simply fit the area you want in the box to get offline maps. In addition, Google Maps will tell you the size of the download and the available space in the terminal.

Another new feature coming with this update is the ability of Download areas without connection to the SD card to save memory. We already have been unable to download the latest update, although it may take a few days to reach the world.